Vested Interest

Here we go with another outfit post, a little more relaxed casual and more classic inspired but its about persistance and I'm going to need a bit more practice styling myself before things start to get really interesting. I can already tell this Stylestalker vest is going to be a winter staple, the arms have been removed for this shot but a few posts back I wore it with arms on. So versatile! The bag is also something else to be noted, a Rachel Zoe find. The quality is actually really great! I'm notorious for beating the hell out of my handbags and yet this one hasn't had a scratch in all the weeks I've had it  - so thankyou Shopbop for that! I wearing these sunglasses continuously, I'm surprised I havent lost them because they cop alot of abuse... but then again I'm never likely to lose sunglasses that cost $12, unlike my beloved Supers which I only had for one week... These G-Star jeans fit so damn well, I feel like I could sleep in them. My faith in slim fitting denim has been restored.

Vest, Stylestalker
shirt and jeans, G-Star
sunglasses, ASOS
bag, Rachel Zoe from Shopbop
boots, Rudolph Dassler for Puma boots
cuff, Benah
bracelet, Seed


Angela said...

So in love with the vest.

Bec said...

that vest is such a beaut Zanita!! Plus I love everything with stripes :)

Anonymous said...

Great outfit! Love the vest, and the glasses are cute!

Laura said...

Lovely jacket!


Rochelle Fox said...

yayayayay a zanita outfit post :) love the stylestalker vest tots agree with you its going to be a top seller very aussie as well super as always i can never give you enough compliments ps the last shoot you did was so good haha sad bit is I recognised some of your old clothes from you old old outfit posts is that stalker town or what! :P
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Michal said...

you look amazing !!

Natalie Suarez said...

SO SO CUTE! i love this! xx

babelaulait said...


Wendy said...

Love it!!
Found you one lookbook!!


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