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One of the greatest inspirations I've encountered in my 'passion for fashion' is the work of Photographer Justin Smith and stylist Stylist Mark Vassallo. Here are a sample of images taken from Mark Magazine, all shot in Western Australia and featuring a bevy of amazing West Aussie models including Tiah Eckhardt, Simone Kerr, Tina Larsen, Sophie and Gemma Ward, Sonya Kukainis, Melissa Moyle, Dion Carnell, Amy Finlayson  and also Steph Carta, who's from the east coast. I love the acid brights contrasted with the darkness, the hyper editing. The mood is so dramatic. See more of this incredible collaboration HERE. Also - alot of those mods are also bloggers so check out the links to see what they are about.
 Sorry for such a monster post! I just couldn't leave any of these out.  The last two are headshots of myself, taken by Justin himself around 7 years ago and unrelated to Mark Magazine. I feel so lucky to have them! He's a true artist.


Lucinda said...

I've rarely seen photo toning done so well!

Wild Flower said...

OMG these are absolutely unreal! The colour in these images are insane. Beautiful, thanks so much for posting.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures, Zanita. The contrast of colours and scenery are unreal.

Mouthwash said...

You look absolutely lovely! I remember some of these editorials from the magazine. I think I posted the beach ones once.

I do have to say though...I had such a strong (negative) reaction to the one with the young boy in it. That photograph says so much to me, and I don't like what it's saying!

That said, this man is an AH-MAZING photographer. Wow.

You are too Z! You've got such an eye for light, color and contour. I get so excited whenever your blog shoots to the top of my blogroll!


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