Blue Daze


Feeling a little seedy today after a great night out with my girls Jess and Nicole, I'm really glad I managed to get this outfit shot yesterday because I'm really not up for it today!
I wore this while hanging out and shooting the behind the scenes for the final Miss Shop Blogger Project shoot - I'm in love with these shorts! Its always nice to feel like you're wearing your pyjamas to work. Still feeling mixed prints, again I'm going with the muted tones and double floral! I like that despite the pretty prints this look isn't really girly.
My hair has stained pink from using Kevin Murphy purple Colour Bug  - the pic below is how it looked before I washed it out. Such a fun product! Though I hope for my upcoming modelling gigs that it washes out soon.

sunglasses, AM Eyewear
blazer, Staple
shirt, Stylestalker
shorts, Witchery
bag, Alexander Wang from Shopbop
shoes, Converse


Toni said...

Beautiful outfit, I love blue and these shorts are so simple yet look lovely!

Mariely Crowne said...

Cool outfit, i really like that you wore converse! Need a pair!

Tine said...


Susanna-Cole King said...

Is there anything greater in fashion than clothes that you love and that look great AND feel like you're wearing pajamas? I don't think so! haha.

Your hair looks gorgeous! I almost bought some purple Color Bug a bit ago, but alas, I put it off as an "unnecessary expense", seeing as I'm saving most my money for my odyssey across Asia, this summer. Do let me / us know how it washes out? I've heard some color chalk doesn't come out very well. :/

Hope you're having a great weekend, Zanita. <3

Rebecca Maureen said...

Oh Zanita, you are so amazing. Enchanted by every photo. And love that color in your hair even if it's only for a bit :)

Natalie Suarez said...

so so amazing! you look fantastic! xx

Abby said...

you are awesome sauce.

and I love the hair.


Jaeger said...



C O L U M N A said...

Love the outfit, that blazer is incredible and I simply need it in my wardrobe now.

melbournetime said...

love the blazer!!

Prim and Pimp said...

amazing outfit, and love the pictures!


Unknown said...

LOVE the blazer, such cool colors! Your hair is so fun!


Kate L. Harris

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WoW! Such a fab outfit.=D

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