I've never posted a video of myself on my blog (mostly because I hate hearing my own voice) but this morning I was trawling through my archives trying to find some of my old pics to post when I came across this little gem. Its about 4/5 years old, taken while staying on my parents farm in WA. I was about to return to Sydney after working in Europe for 4 months but wasn't home in time for the castings for fashion week - so
Mum and I made this video to be sent out to clients so I could books some shows. Thank goodness I don't need to work so hard anymore! Sporting a tad more booty these days (can I get a hell yeah?!).
Now represented by Priscillas.


Raez said...

Hell yeah! (for this video and for a "more booty")

Loved this little video, you have a pretty "fierce" walk, haha! And I'm glad you're not modeling as much actually, because then you wouldn't be out creating such amazing photography!


Alex said...

That farm looks beautiful! Much more relaxing I'm sure than back-to-back Sydney castings!

Fashion Monstre said...

so cute!

April Rose Pengilly said...

Haha I have videos of myself doing this too!
Hope you're well, lovely! xx

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