Party Like a G-Star


My collection of snaps from the G-Star store opening - it was such a fabulous party! I loved seeing the media circus surrounding the invited Chinese celebrities like actor/singer Aaron Kwok and top model/blogger AngelaBaby (pictured). I was also pleased to meet designer Pierre Morisset (pictured with model Alexandra Agoston) - what a great creative energy he has! Its so humbling to meet a man with such visionary ideas - and some hilarious anecdotes!
I've included a few shots of the incredible 'art pieces'  which are part of the RAW Art Series, a travelling exhibition that showcases the craftsmanship of denim and it's flexibility. All created by the G-Star Atelier.
The party also featured a very cool installation performed by a group of models, a interesting step away from the usual catwalk. The highlight was the acoustic performance by American singer/songwriter/producer Skylar Gray. I had goosebumps while she was singing her track 'Love The Way You Lie'.
I'm so grateful to be invited to take part in this event, the talent and energy behind the brand G-Star was a true inspiration.


Joy said...

everything looks amzing.

sonia de macedo said...

Wow these shots are truly breathtaking! Looked like an awesome night too!


Fabliha said...

looks like such an amazing event! incredible photos as always :)


Ingrid // Pretty Harbor said...

Very great photo!
And i love the G Star dress they're so cute :) // Jewellery

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