Gstar x Hong Kong x Alexandra A


Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong to attend the opening of the world's largest G-Star store in Causeway Bay and shoot top Australian model, Alexandra Agoston. Alex and I spent the day exploring Hong Kong and seeing the sights - needless to say it wasn't too difficult to take lovely pictures of such a gorgeous girl! The pair of us worked together to style the shoot, using our own accessories to compliment the G-Star pieces and showcase Alex's own effortless personal style. 

All clothing, G-Star 

Leopard bag, Stylestalker



Party Like a G-Star


My collection of snaps from the G-Star store opening - it was such a fabulous party! I loved seeing the media circus surrounding the invited Chinese celebrities like actor/singer Aaron Kwok and top model/blogger AngelaBaby (pictured). I was also pleased to meet designer Pierre Morisset (pictured with model Alexandra Agoston) - what a great creative energy he has! Its so humbling to meet a man with such visionary ideas - and some hilarious anecdotes!
I've included a few shots of the incredible 'art pieces'  which are part of the RAW Art Series, a travelling exhibition that showcases the craftsmanship of denim and it's flexibility. All created by the G-Star Atelier.
The party also featured a very cool installation performed by a group of models, a interesting step away from the usual catwalk. The highlight was the acoustic performance by American singer/songwriter/producer Skylar Gray. I had goosebumps while she was singing her track 'Love The Way You Lie'.
I'm so grateful to be invited to take part in this event, the talent and energy behind the brand G-Star was a true inspiration.



I'm delighted to share with you all my latest little project, a photoshoot in Hong Kong with denim superbrand, G-Star.  Video hotshots Baker & Junior created this short film featuring my shoot with Alexandra Agoston and fellow photographer Chris Colls shoot with singer/songwriter Skylar Grey. The trip was arranged in celebration of the opening of the largest G-Star store in the world, a whopping 680 square metres of denim innovation. I have plenty of images from the party to share with you, where I was also lucky enough to see a live performance by Skylar of her hit song "Love The Way You Lie" - released by Rihanna and Eminem. Still pinching myself, I had such an amazing time. Will share the shoot images and the shots I took from the party in the next couple days.

Below the outfit I was sporting at the party, this crazy cool boiler suit made me feel ready for anything!

Boilersuit, G-Star
heels, G-Star
bag, Alexander Wang


In Print Baby!

My first editorial to be published in a real life magazine! I'm buzzing right now, still in Hong Kong (more on this when I get back) so I'm psyched to get home and get my hot little hands on a copy. It was such a dream day for shooting, perfectly consistent weather - I couldn't believe my luck! And how gorgeous is model Lia May? I've been lucky enough to work with her twice now.
References to come.

Girlfriend Magazine


Boys Boys Boys!

Must endeavour to shoot more with masculine accessories aka male mods - and also more black and white. Also New York.
Editorial, Alex Lubomirski for Vogue Germany


Karlee Love

I took these headshots after shooting a lookbook with the delightful Karlee (Chic). What a precious face! I'm sure she's going to be all over the place in a year or two.
Hair and Make-up, Wayne Chick
Tee, Tilly by Lee Mathew

More Tunes

So maybe my musical taste is a little inconsistent... but good tunes are good tunes, no matter what form they take. Right? I'm liking it funky and soulful.


Sticky and Sweet

My recent contribution to the Harpers Bazaar Style Network (see the rest HERE). Thanks so much to Christabel Draffin again for being the creative force behind these images. A photoshoot themed with contradictions, bombshell Anna the professional and adorable Pearl - her second shoot ever! How cool are Anna's tatts? I have one tattoo, but I wont ever show you lot what it looks like cos its a bit of a cliche. My sister and have matching tatts so I guess its pretty sweet. Once you get inked you can't go back - but I'm the first to admit it is totally addicting. I'd love to get more.... I'm just paranoid I'll select something that seems cool now but will make me look like a total victim in a few years time. Part of being a fashionista I guess, wear something once... you're sick of it.
I'm headed to see Roger Waters - Pink Floyds The Wall tonight out at Homebush. My darling husband has scored us some prime seats and I've been anticipating it for months and months. Can't wait for Comfortably Numb.
Have a crazy couple weeks ahead including a sojourn to Hong Kong! Such a great city. Going to score some awesome content.

Christabel Draffin, Make-up Mole


I've never posted a video of myself on my blog (mostly because I hate hearing my own voice) but this morning I was trawling through my archives trying to find some of my old pics to post when I came across this little gem. Its about 4/5 years old, taken while staying on my parents farm in WA. I was about to return to Sydney after working in Europe for 4 months but wasn't home in time for the castings for fashion week - so
Mum and I made this video to be sent out to clients so I could books some shows. Thank goodness I don't need to work so hard anymore! Sporting a tad more booty these days (can I get a hell yeah?!).
Now represented by Priscillas.


Like, Like?


Some new pictures starring model Dimity at Priscillas, featuring the gorgeous jewellery of Samantha Wills as part of the White Bohemia project. I shot these are part of a facebook/blogger competition so if you like these images then please LIKE my pics on facebook so I can win an Ipad... which is something I really need to start a portfolio! The alternative for me is printing them in a proper portfolio which costs thousands and thousands and thousands (did I mention thousands?) of dollars... Not so realistic at the moment.
So if you appreciate my work - please help me out! I'd be so grateful.
Thanks so much to Samantha Wills for inviting me to take part in this project.

Also here's an outfit post! More to come - I know alot of you miss my outfits posts so I'm going to try my hardest to produce some more - because without you I wouldn't have any of these oppurtunities!

So impressed with the new Stylestalker collection now available - and double so because the terrible summer weather has enabled me to debut the most comfortable military parka around. These AM shades have been a summer staple too, best thing about them in the arms bend both ways so it doesn't stretch them to wear them on my head. Clever.

Parka, Stylestalker
Tee, Stylestalker
shorts, Vintage
bag, Alexander Wang @ Shopbop
shades,  AM EYEWEAR
bracelet, Seed



Scent of A Woman

Yes I've taxed the name of this shoot from a certain fabulous Al Pacino movie but it really just felt so appropriate... and far out, aren't I so lucky to have such a babe for a friend? I've shot Brittany before for my blog - still some of my favourite pics I've ever shot. Doesn't she have such an amazing face!
Thanks again to my blogger buddy, Christabel Draffin (Make-up Mole) for this bombshell look and of course to Carl Kapp for providing these stunning wrap dresses (I want one!).

Brittany Darling, Chadwicks
Christabel Draffin 

Photography tip: Try out backlighting, using natural light. I've used this technique in the above images to create a dark silhouette, then lifted the darker shadows slightly in post editing. Having a large reflector to bounce light back in would be ideal but I shot this without an assistant.


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Fellow Aussie blogger Jessica Stein has been nominated for best newcomer at the Bloglovin awards and its pretty stiff competition (she's up against Olivia Palermo) so lets get it together and 
You can vote once a day so lets do this and VOTE EVERYDAY to get Jess her well deserved award.




Such a beautiful and intense gaze. Awesome brows. Look out for this girl!

Pic by me :)




New Stylestalker lookbook starring Alex aka 4th and Bleeker. It just gets better and better!
So proud of my girls x

model: Alexandra Spencer
photographer: Kimberly Gordon
styling: Rachel Zeilic and Sue-Ann San 
hair and make-up: Sina Velke

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