Here we go! My first post of 2012! Its been such a challenge to try and get back into work mode after my holiday. My news years resolution? No boozing. All year. Quite the challenge because I love a cold glass of rose after a hot day but I thought why not? Looking forward to productive weekends and a new exercise routine!
So this pic as some of you may know is the radiant Sara from Harper and Harley - we combined forces to create my post for the Harpers Bazaar Style Network and you can see the rest of it HERE.
So here's to an exciting 2012 - and I know quite a few Aussie bloggers who know exactly what I'm talking about, there's plenty stirring though out the blogosphere and I can't wait to share a whole load of new projects very soon.


Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

ah Sar is so damn gorgeous! LOVE this shot. no boozing?! really?! respect your challenge - good luck my friend! happy new year! xxx

Natalie Suarez said...

so cute! love it :)



The Lady Nerd said...

Happy new year! I've been going back over you blog from the beginning and it's truly amazing to see how far you've come. Well, you always HAVE been an inspiration (I'll admit it, I fully blame you for making me want to start a fashion blog in the first place. :P ), but you continue to be one. I look forward to see more of your lovely posts this year Zanita. :)

- Briana

LNV said...

no boozing? are you expecting? ;))

Alicia said...

nice picture!!!!you are beautiful!kisses.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture :)

Lisa said...

Stunning photo. Amazed that you are going booze free all year WOW!

Good on you! Love your talent.



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