Ramsay Girl


Model, Dimity @ Priscillas
Clothing, Arabella Ramsay

Just managed to scrape together this shoot in time for my Harpers Bazaar Style Network Post - this RELENTLESS bad weather is making shooting impossible. Still - my mod Dimity (Priscillas) pulled it out and we managed to pull together these fun loving pics. See the rest HERE

As requested I'm going to throw in a few photography/editing tips  and of course you're welcome to ask me questions on my facebook. I'll try add a few more each time  post.

1. If you don't have an interesting location, get closer to your subject. An interesting expression can be all you need for a compelling image.
2. Converting your pics to BW on cloudy days, up the contrast.
3.  If you're going to increase the contrast of an image, reduce the saturation. 

Pretty simple tips but I'll come up with some more detailed advice in upcoming posts.

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Alexandra said...

Absolutely love this. The soft touches of red are perfection, and what a stunning model! Beautiful work as always :)

Alexandra xo


Jaeger said...

Adorable hat!



le pearl said...

Thanks for the tips Zanita x

ps: as a long time follower, I need your help!
As a Sydney blogger, I was wondering if you would mention the Raid My Wardrobe event coming to Sydney this March? It will feature heaps and heaps of stalls selling vintage, second hand designer and other treasures. I think it would be amazing to gather all of Sydney's bloggers and shopaholics around. Check out my post and spread the word about the comp! - http://www.lepearlblog.com/2012/01/competition-sydney-raidmywardrobe.html

Mouse's Wardrobe said...

These photos are beautiful!


Bec said...

Wow, how gorgeous. Nearly jumped from my seat when I saw we got some photog tips too!! I don't have Facebook but I've tried to cajole my sister into posting my questions onto your wall for future posts anyway. Putting them here too for your longest comment ever {sorry!} :)

Some burning questions I always wanted to ask you :)
1. Do you always have an idea of how the photo should look or do you let the model do their own thing?

2. Any tips for shooting in low light situations since you try to only use natural light?

3. How do you decide on the lens or do you just like to shoot with one for the whole shoot.

4. How did you get started on the professional photographer track. Calling up model agencies or something else?

5. How do you "fix" a photo that's just not turning out how you envisioned {during a shoot or during editing}?

6. Lightroom or Photoshop?

Thanks Zanita! I love your always inspiring and "unique eye" photos!

Katherine McNeil said...

Amazing photographs, really love your blog

would be great if you could check out my blog and maybe give me a follow.

Love Katie x

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