Ramsay Girl


Model, Dimity @ Priscillas
Clothing, Arabella Ramsay

Just managed to scrape together this shoot in time for my Harpers Bazaar Style Network Post - this RELENTLESS bad weather is making shooting impossible. Still - my mod Dimity (Priscillas) pulled it out and we managed to pull together these fun loving pics. See the rest HERE

As requested I'm going to throw in a few photography/editing tips  and of course you're welcome to ask me questions on my facebook. I'll try add a few more each time  post.

1. If you don't have an interesting location, get closer to your subject. An interesting expression can be all you need for a compelling image.
2. Converting your pics to BW on cloudy days, up the contrast.
3.  If you're going to increase the contrast of an image, reduce the saturation. 

Pretty simple tips but I'll come up with some more detailed advice in upcoming posts.

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Darkness Becomes Her

Hey All! Still surviving through this rainy Sydney 'summer' and being a photographer who near solely works with available light its being quite the challenge to create summery looking editorial spreads. The answer? Adapt. Who says summer can't be hot, humid and dark?
I actually really love working with darkness, utilising minimal light really sets the mood.
I originally planned on shooting this in Centennial Park but discovered this gem of a setting while picking up my model Chelsea (Chic) down the coast. I've become pretty demanding of my subjects these days, flailing my arms around and ordering the girls to imitate. Hope I'm not being mean. 'GET IN THE DIRT! CLIMB UP THAT TREE! DON'T RUIN THE GARMENT!'
Chelsea is a trooper for sure, quite the woodland nymph or Maid Marian.
Thanks so much to Zimmerman and MCMPR for providing these stunning printed dresses.





1/ Stylestalker dress   2/ Magdalena Valevska dress   3/ Magdalena Valevska dress, Sara Phillips jacket   4/ Arabella Ramsay top   5/ Stylestalker dress   6/Sarah Phillips shirt, Magdalena Valevska skirt   7/ Magdalena Valevska jacket   8/ Sara Phillips dress

I'm sure some of you may have spotted this shoot on Jess' Blog, Tuula - but if not - here's my latest blogger collaboration, styled by my bestie and the most talented stylist I know, Sue-Ann of Stylestalker (check her blog HERE). Jess made this shoot so easy, perfect model good looks and proportions, all the moves.
Here's hoping Jess actually returns from NYC so we can continue to produce plenty more collabs just like this.

Photography: ME
Stylist: Sue Ann San 
Model: Jess Stein


Sunshine Gemma


Actually managed to get something edited, thanks to a loan computer.
Hope to be back in action very soon!
Model: Gemma @ Chic

Shot 2. Top - Bless'ed Are The Meek, Bikini - Somedays Lovin, models own short.
Shot 3. Dress - Bless'ed Are The Meek
Shot 5.  Top - Bless'ed Are The Meek
Shot 6. Top - Bless'ed Are The Meek, models own bikini
Shot 8. Dress, Bless'ed Are The Meek
Shot 9. Headscarf - Seed, Top - Bless'ed Are The Meek, Bodysuit American Apparel



Here we go! My first post of 2012! Its been such a challenge to try and get back into work mode after my holiday. My news years resolution? No boozing. All year. Quite the challenge because I love a cold glass of rose after a hot day but I thought why not? Looking forward to productive weekends and a new exercise routine!
So this pic as some of you may know is the radiant Sara from Harper and Harley - we combined forces to create my post for the Harpers Bazaar Style Network and you can see the rest of it HERE.
So here's to an exciting 2012 - and I know quite a few Aussie bloggers who know exactly what I'm talking about, there's plenty stirring though out the blogosphere and I can't wait to share a whole load of new projects very soon.

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