We Are Handsome x Oyster x Brooke Lazarus


I'm so pleased to present a few of the shots I took with fellow Brooke Lazarus (thetopknotter) for the We Are Handsome project - you can check out the rest on Oyster Mag online HERE.
Shot in the same location as my last We Are Handsome project, such a different vibe with clouds overhead.
Isn't Brooke amazing? Can't believe she isn't signed to a major agency - guess it's only a matter of time.


Friend in Fashion said...

She's great - you're great!

Friend in Fashion

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Brooke is gorgeous and of course you've captured her beautifully. Lovely work Zanita!! xo

Désordre said...

Love it!
About to repost seeing we conveniently have every style shot! haha xx

Mercedes De Uña said...

what a beautiful shoot!!!!

Zorian said...

Brook is amazing. Beautiful shapes.

Justyna said...

we are handsome is SO on my summer list.

Angela said...

Love the one pieces, so gorgeous. Great shots as ever!

A x

Lish said...

Hey, nice pics... Although, the link to Oyster is broken :/

Blaise said...

God she is absolutly amazing!!!!!! Great pictures too!! Love your blog, now following :)


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