Lets Be Material

How much time do you waste every week looking at stuff you're never going to buy? I'm not even going to try and stop doing it. It's the blogger addiction.


She's Under the Spell said...

haha I love this.
I spend hours "imaginary shopping", and I can't stop!


Cristina said...

This is why we have blogs! We have to share all of these amazing pretties with everyone.

mojomade said...

Also known as the 'general addiction for most gals' hehe

Fashion Tidbits said...

i thought that that was one of the pleasures of being a blogger...hehe :P

Kdotorg said...

Oh, those loafers! Grab an extra pair for me please :)

Lola said...

omg that tote!!!

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Basilia said...

hahaha I do the same thing! Blogger addiction fo'sho!

My list would go on for days... proenza mmmm

xo Baz from

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