Harpers Bazaar x Ellery Land

My latest contribution to the Harpers Bazaar Style Network! SEE THE REST HERE
So thrilled to be loaned these gorgeous Ellery pieces to shoot and also to work with model Laura Gorun, a true  'Model Muse'. Its truly rare to find a girl who can be so diverse, who can move so uninhibited. I always wonder what it would be like to work with models like Malgosia Bela, Guinevere Van Seenus, Raquel Zimmerman, Maria Carla Boscono, Natasha Poly, Karen Elson and of course our own Abbey Lee Kershaw. Its the kind of talent that makes a model more than just a look, its spells longevity in a career and an enviable portfolio of work.

(pics, FashionGoneRogue)


Kelly said...

Excuse me for one sec but HOLY SH*T! Girl if one of your shoots is not inside the pages of Bazaar within the next few months I will be SHOCKED.
This is absolutely and definitively stunning.
You're outdoing yourself with every new post lady!
ON FIRE xxxx

Marcia B. said...


heylila said...

wow, this is your best so far (in my opinion)! the first photo is especially stunning!!! It has to be INSIDE Bazaar!!

Audrey @ said...

w.o.w. love! x

Audrey @

Sarah said...

Amazing shots! I Love your style of photography and paired with Ellery pieces...irresistible!

The style network is a really great initiative for Aussie bloggers. Loving every post!

Jessie said...

Zanita your shots are amazing, super impressed! x

Chanelle said...

I love the interesting use of wide angle perspective in the first shot - something you haven't done very much in the past, no? Good risk.

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