Harpers Bazaar x Ellery Land

My latest contribution to the Harpers Bazaar Style Network! SEE THE REST HERE
So thrilled to be loaned these gorgeous Ellery pieces to shoot and also to work with model Laura Gorun, a true  'Model Muse'. Its truly rare to find a girl who can be so diverse, who can move so uninhibited. I always wonder what it would be like to work with models like Malgosia Bela, Guinevere Van Seenus, Raquel Zimmerman, Maria Carla Boscono, Natasha Poly, Karen Elson and of course our own Abbey Lee Kershaw. Its the kind of talent that makes a model more than just a look, its spells longevity in a career and an enviable portfolio of work.

(pics, FashionGoneRogue)

The Talented Mr Thom Browne

I'm so busy! Steadily throwing off those shackles that is my modelling career and slowly moving into being a legit photog... Not that my modelling hasn't been amazing - because it truly has (is) - more like its going to take a backseat. Being a model means you always need to be available, all of your work comes at the last minute - I usually won't know about being a booked until just one day prior to the job. It certainly makes the job thrilling, one highlight - finding out on a Friday afternoon that I'm flying to Tahiti on the Monday - what a buzz! I can't imagine what its like for really successful models. You'd have to being able to handle flying like nothing else. When I was working in Europe I had a little routine for flying where I'd reapply vitamin E to my face and do yoga stretches before, midway and after the flight... You gotta do what you gotta do! Enough rambling, above is a preview of my latest contribution to the Harpers Bazaar Style Network - featuring the very delicate Nina Van Bree and below, a couple beauty outtakes. Check out the rest of my shoot HERE featuring these fab frames!

Thanks Nina for taking the time to do my quick quiz! 

Name: Nina Van Bree 
Age: 24 
Hometown: Helmond, Netherlands 
Agencies: mainly Women Direct NY/Women Milan, Uno Barcelona and Priscillas. Others such as MC2 Tel Aviv/ Modelwerk Hamburg/ Elite Toronto/ Forza in Tokyo. 
Favourite Song: Love Adele at the moment. She has such a natural strong voice. 
Favourite Food: love good brick oven pizza. There's a place by my apartment in NY that has the best truffle oil pizza. 
Favourite Holiday Destination: Somewhere sunny. The sun makes me smile. Not sure where exactly, there's still many places I'd like to see. My dream is to go volunteer at an elephant orphanage in South Africa. 
Favourite Designer: James Perse, Alexander Wang. 
Favourite Beauty Product: Decleor facial balm. Its like massage oil with fresh aroma scents, without the stickiness or greasiness. 
Favourite Book: Sarahs Key. I started reading it on my way to Sydney and its really interesting. I'm still finishing it. 
Favourite Guilty Pleasure: Banana Bread. Its so much fun how you get to learn about different food types once you start traveling. I've only had my first slice one year ago. So I have a lot of catching up to do ;) lm also addicted to cookies and twix. Anything crunchy ;) 
Your Special Talent: hmm. I bake pretty awesome chocolate chip muffins, with peanut butter. I like baking in my free time. 
Your nickname: People call me Nien. Which is funny because it still counts 4 letters, so not technically shorter. 
Way to keep fit: I bike around everywhere I go in NY. My boyfriend surprised me with a bike yesterday to get around here in Sydney.




In the true spirit of recommitting to blogging and then taking on too much, I attended a blogger breakfast last week for new Aussie online retailer, The Iconic, and followed that up with a test shoot with the delightful Niah from The Agency. Thankfully the test became much more when I was gratefully loaned some very cool pieces from The Iconic and was able to create a mini-editorial down in Bondi. Unfortunately the weather was completely atrocious. You can't have everything!
So as you can see The Iconic stocks labels like Ellery, Shakuhachi - and of course the very fabulous Stylestalker - but one of the most exciting things about this e-tailer is the shipping, if you're a Sydney-sider like myself you can have you garment arrive on your doorstep less than 3 HOURS after you click that shiny purchase button. Perfect for Friday afternoons when you're at work and realise you've got 'absolutely nothing' to wear for that event/party/date later that evening. I don't really know how they are doing it but apparently it's only 5 dollars to have this service too. Craziness.

Pic 1, Ellery Dress, Models own Jewellery
Pic 2, Therese Rawsthorne Trousers and Singlet.
Pic 3, As 1
Pic 4, Shakuhachi Dress


Huzzah Bazaar!

Here's another preview shot from my latest Harpers Bazaar Style network beauty shoot with fellow blogger Christabel Draffin, who most impressively pre-empted the first 3 trends from's Top Ten Beauty Beauty moments HERE. You can see the rest of our shoot with the lovely blonde, Hollei Graves at Harpers Bazaar Style Network.

Also - here's another shoot I did with stylist Bec Golowenko and The Stylist's Own designer Billie Gray. with model Jen Gilmore in Bondi - the rest of the shoot along with styling references is on FashionGoneRogue, thanks so much for Joanna for supporting me again!



Zanita for Funkis!!!


Hot weather has finally arrived in Sydney after what feels like 3 winter seasons in row (not really cold, just wet) and that means I can present to you my Summer season Zanita for Funkis clogs! We have a red patent - neutral suede pair, a leather and suede neutral pair and a black vegie leather pair. There's also a red suede and neutral leather pair available on the website. YOU CAN BUY'EM HERE if you like. Evan snapped these pics, my young Padawan.
As you can tell by now I'm really into cut and paste style collaging so prepare to get sick of my layering experiments in the coming months. I'm running out the door right to the ICONIC blogger breakfast, think I'll dust of my bike and get some fresh air... sweating it out in front of the computer these past few hot days hasn't been the most refreshing way to enjoy this heat.
I'm kinda on a roll with my blog posts right now! Feels awesome!

Outfit 1. Vintage Pants, Bonds Tee, Funkis Clogs
Outfit 2. Zanita Crawford Trench, Funkis Vegie Clogs
Outfit 3. Zanita Bourdin Shirt, Funkis Clogs


An Ode

One of the reasons I fell in love with fashion imagery pre-teen, I'd steal old Vogue's from my Mum's friends and obsess over the clothes and beautiful models, the glamourous scenes. Bruce Weber is an absolutely favourite of mine, I love the way he captures youth and vivaciousness with a degree of realism. Plus he uses loads of natural light. I imagine modelling for Bruce would include loads of fun activity.
Looking at this now I realise I've put an image by Alasdair McLellan in there - his work is obviously inspired in part by Bruce anyway. I started making the collage then realised it was all Bruce's workg forgetting I'd thrown in that Alasdair shot. Can you guess which one it is? Also - spot a couple vintage 90210 babes, in Pepe Jeans and Gap ads... and a certain soccer superstar...


Harpers Bazaar Style Network

Here's a sneak preview of my very first post from the Harpers Bazaar online Style Network - a beauty editorial I shot with make-up wizard Christabel Draffin of the blog, Make-up Mole. You can check out the rest of my images at Harpers Bazaar HERE. What a great honour and pleasure is was to be asked to blog for this new network by such an esteemed publication, alongside Aussie blogging greats like Mandy (Oracle Fox), Nicole (Gary Pepper), Sara (Harper and Harley), Alex (4th & Bleeker) and Geneva (A Pair and A Spare). I'm pinching myself right now.
Feeling so re-invigorated for blogging and looking to really take it to the next level into the new year!!!

Meanwhile here's the rest of my pics of Matilda, styled by me and featured on Spook Mag blog.

Pic 1. Zanita Crawford Oversized Trench, Stylestalker Shirt, Kmart jeans
Pic 2. ASOS Jacket, Stylestalker shirt, Kmart Jeans
Pic 3. Models own cardigan, ASOS pants, American Apparel socks
Pic 4. Vintage dress and knit.


Miss Matilda


Here are a few beauty shots of reluctant bombshell Matilda (priscillas), shes such a sweetheart. I love that she doesn't seem to know exactly how striking her look is.
All these shots are styled by me and snapped using solely natural light, you can see that with each image I've used filtering light and shadow in a different way.
Thanks so much for Spook mag for posting this shoot on their blog - you can see the rest of the shots here


Miss Del Rey

Just in case you haven't heard of Lana Del Rey - here's her track Video Games. Beautiful and genius.
Love this clip, inspiration ahoy.


We Are Handsome x Oyster x Brooke Lazarus


I'm so pleased to present a few of the shots I took with fellow Brooke Lazarus (thetopknotter) for the We Are Handsome project - you can check out the rest on Oyster Mag online HERE.
Shot in the same location as my last We Are Handsome project, such a different vibe with clouds overhead.
Isn't Brooke amazing? Can't believe she isn't signed to a major agency - guess it's only a matter of time.


Party Time!!


Me, Susie and Rach are hitting the decks. Could be crazy!

In other news, I have an interview on the Mecca blog HERE - if you'd like to know my beauty thoughts.

ALSO - The pics I shot for Carly Paiker are up on her site - I'm so proud! Solange is just so beautiful - and thanks so much to Carly for having me on board.


Testing Testing


The very radiant Julia Koenig, one of Priscillas new girls. Statuesque and tanned, keep a lookout for her. Too gorgeous!!

Green coat, Army Surplus
Long blazer, Country Road
Dress, Witchery
Boots, Model's Own

Lets Be Material

How much time do you waste every week looking at stuff you're never going to buy? I'm not even going to try and stop doing it. It's the blogger addiction.
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