Well look who's back in business! And here to bring excuses... yes my blog has been neglected - why? The honest truth is that I simply didn't want to be a blogger,  I wasn't enjoying posting,  I've needed a bit of R&R, a bit of soul searching, a bit of self love.
So, two weeks in the Phillipines and I'm feeling revitalised and revamped. Ready to work, ready to blog my little heart out again. I'm so grateful you've all stuck around!
I'm very proud to present the latest Stylestalker lookbook, featuring the one and only Alex Spencer of 4th and Bleeker fame, shot by Kimberly Gordon of Wildfox and styled by Christine from the blog Christeric. Susie and Rach have really outdone themselves with this ultra collaboration and I for one am so impressed. I want every piece.
I'm back! xx


Marcia B. said...

great photos!

le pearl said...

I am glad you're back. I know how you feel, I came back about a week ago to blogging as it just tends to not feel important from time to time. Only when I realise I am desperately behind the times with fashion is when I jump back into it. Hope your holiday was amazing! I wish I could have a holiday away :(

Maryam said...

Back with a bang . . . great post!! Love the pics!

xoxo, Maryam


Demü said...

incredible photos!! Im so inspired!!
I love your looks!! You should definitely post them to Lookbook.nu or Chictopia.com!!

nicolethen said...

welcome back babe :)

Emm said...

That was like me over summer, it was such an effort to blog when I actually had nice things to do.
But now I love it and I am so glad you're back and ready to blog =)


Joy said...

These capture the LA feel so well.

Blackswan said...

ahhh you went to the Philippines??! That's amazing! I'm going back next year after so long and I cannot wait to visit my parent's hometown again! I will be going to Boracay for the first time - where did you visit?

Looking forward to your future posts!

x Lauren

Tayler said...

so glad your back!! i was definitely wondering where you went! these shots look AH MAZING!

Style Interplay

<3 <3

s said...

loove these pics ;)

COUTURE STREET: Carolines Mode @ Paris http://t.co/QPEmVe2

George Wells George Wells said...

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hope said...

WAh! Nice to see an update Zan... Missed having you to feed off... Unfair weight for you but you're great at what you do! Hope you and E are well well well :) Hope

feather in a storm said...

this shoot now overtakes bambi in the desert as my new favorite..

The Rocket Fashionista said...

yay, welcome back :)

AMAIA said...

oooh I like it!!


Blackswan said...

hello, thanks for dropping by and your sweet comment! The health retreat sounds intense, I bet it did wonders for both the mind and body though! The ultimate cleansing retreat :)

Hopefully will catch each other sometime soon xx

Shana said...

great photoshoot, but the models face looks a bit "weird" in most of the pics...

Ravenna Moreira said...

W O N D E R F U L *




Ruth said...

Oh I need those shorts from pic 12!!


Style Anywhere said...

Where did you stay in Philippines? I hope you had a great time.

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