Three Pictures

First picture, here's my stunning friend Vanessa again, in her own 'model off duty' look. Effortlessly gorgeous! Vanessa and I spent the morning together shooting for a German TV show a few months back. Hopefully when the show airs I can provide a video of me yapping away with German subtitles, shot in my own home. Should be fun!
An outtake from a lookbook I shot for hot new label featuring Jennifer Gilmore at Chic, make-up by Vanessa Collins. Such an amazing new face. Love the the cute gap in her teeth. Models own coat.
Me at home after a modelling gig, hair by Diane Gregievski and make-up by Julia Green.  I loved this look so much, I wish I woke each day with such an incredible retro blonde fro. Styled in bohemian fabulous'ness with my favourite velvet winter coat from Somedays Lovin. Would have shot this in proper outfit post style but time is against me, the winter darkness consumes everything around 5pm. So cruel.


Joy said...

You AND your friend are beautiful. Wonderful work you're doing here. Don't stop.

christina said...

I love her hair in the 2nd photo. Beautiful purple tips xxx

Mouthwash said...

Such beautiful ladies! All of you. I LOVE your jumbo curls!! So lush and perfect. I love my curly hair - but sometimes I wish they were jumpo like yours were styled.


Georgia said...

Heyyy you're looking very glamourous with the big hair :) I like a lot
It would be mine

Klaudia said...

I'm so glad you're back still one of my FAVOURITE blogs beautiful pics as always and love the last ones of you they are really fun! Your work is inspiring :) greetings from Cape Town

Sarah said...

I'm loving your friend's bag in the first photo!

Marina said...

Must be inspiring to be surrounded by beautiful people!

You remind me of Diane Kruger in one of those photos.

l i s a z h a n g said...

i just spent few hours going thru all of your archives!
its amazing seeing your work change and become what it is now!
truly amazing!
in love with everything!


Dusk said...

Wow Zanita! So very Jerry Hall circa Studio 54! Divine!


Tegan said...

love her bag in the first pic

great shots :)

Anonymous said...

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