How long has it been since I've done an actual outfit post? Forever.
I'm really going to endeavour to throw in a few more of these over the coming months but I have to be honest, its never going to be like my outfit hey-day when I had a whole load more time on my hands, which meant more time to shop, to care about what I'm wearing each day.
I have to apologise, I know this outfit all but featured entirely in the previous post - Van Vorst - but I've been wearing this coat almost everyday since I got it. It's so comfortable and makes me feel dressed up while still feeling as cosy as if I'm wearing my PJ's. The shirt I'm also pretty obsessed with, love the print and shape. The jeans are AA and such great quality, looking like something transported from the 90's, my fave era always. The necklace has a jasper ring as the pendant.... can't remember where I got the earings...
Trialling using the flash on my camera, meaning I can shoot outfits once I get home from work at night.
I've always thought it looked a bit cheap but with my digi skills I'm going to try and make it work....
shirt, Stylestalker
jeans, American Apparel
coat, Somedays Lovin



Been wanting to test Lauren for quite awhile now, something about her face, such strong lines. Her blonde hair is so amazing, she's looking like the lovechild of Nadja Auerman and the Roswell Alien, in a good way. She's phenomenal!!!

Can you believe we shot this in just over an hour? The fading light had me in a panic and it was about to rain. I had Lauren legging it around Bondi, quick shot here - NEXT! We even did a bit of door knocking for locations and accosted this gorgeous cat, T-Bone.
The key to getting the shot done quickly is knowing exactly what you want, and having the ability to see good natural light as you walk around your locations. Pay attention to the way light filters through doorways and windows, you can utilise the way the light wraps around your subject to flatter the face. I guess I also have the added advantage of working with really gorgous girls so that makes it easy for me! As per recent requests I'll do my best to add my own tips  with each test/shoot I do from now on. x

I vote Lauren for Givenchy!!!

1. Stylestalker Bustier, Vintage Jumper, American Apparel tights.
2. Vintage coat, Stylestalker dress, American Apparel tights.
3. Vintage hat and gloves, Somedays Lovin coat.
4. Stylestalker dress, American Apparel tights.
5. Stylestalker shirt.
6. Stylestalker shirt and leggings, Somedays Lovin Coat.
7. As in 2.
8. Stylestalker shirt and leggings, Vintage gloves.
9. As in 2.
10. Stylestalker dress.
11. As in 2.

Photography and Styling, Me
Model, Lauren @ The Agency
Hair and Make-up, Brigitte Serhan



Testing Calum at Priscillas, clothes courtesy of GStar. Stay tuned to my blog for more handsome young boys to come plus of course plenty of pretty girls :)
NB: Calum isn't really American.


Three Pictures

First picture, here's my stunning friend Vanessa again, in her own 'model off duty' look. Effortlessly gorgeous! Vanessa and I spent the morning together shooting for a German TV show a few months back. Hopefully when the show airs I can provide a video of me yapping away with German subtitles, shot in my own home. Should be fun!
An outtake from a lookbook I shot for hot new label featuring Jennifer Gilmore at Chic, make-up by Vanessa Collins. Such an amazing new face. Love the the cute gap in her teeth. Models own coat.
Me at home after a modelling gig, hair by Diane Gregievski and make-up by Julia Green.  I loved this look so much, I wish I woke each day with such an incredible retro blonde fro. Styled in bohemian fabulous'ness with my favourite velvet winter coat from Somedays Lovin. Would have shot this in proper outfit post style but time is against me, the winter darkness consumes everything around 5pm. So cruel.



It was to my great pleasure that I was given the opportunity to work with the very beautiful Nicole Warne, of Gary Pepper blog on this fantastic project, Giveability by Westfield. Exclusive pieces will be sold online from Tuesday, July 19 with the bids starting as low as $50.  

Westfield Bondi Junction and Doncaster will launch the giveability store, a fashion charity store stocked with second hand designer items donated by celebrities and designers to raise much needed funds for children with cerebral palsy, through charities Cerebral Palsy Alliance and Scope.

Major fashion brands and celebrities have pledged to join the program to support children and their families. Confirmed participating designer brands and celebrities include Kylie Minogue, Rose Byrne, Anthony La Paglia, Melissa George, Naomi Watts, Liev Schrieber, Jess Hart, Harry Kewell, Sami Lukis, Tom Williams, Erin McNaught, Mitchell Johnson, Rachel Taylor, Alex Perry, Arthur Galan, Zimmermann, Marnie Skillings, AM Eyewear, Gail Elliott, Yeojin Bae, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Garance Dore, Charlotte Dawson, Samantha Wills, Sass & Bide, Ksubi, Wayne Cooper and Cheyenne Tozzi - just to name a few.

LOOK 1: Sunglasses: Karen Walker Agent Sunglasses $100, Dress: Collette Dinnigan dress donated by Miranda Otto $500, Shoes:Tony Bianco $60

LOOK 2: Sunglasses: Karen Walker Escape Sunglasses $100, Ring: Samantha Wills worn by Drew Barrymore – Auction, ShortsBec & Bridge $80, Bag: Deadly Ponies $180


LOOK 3: Jacket: Vintage Cropped Leather Jacket donated by Sass & Bide $150, Dress: Arthur Galan dress worn by Jennifer Hawkins $300, Ring: Samantha Wills ring worn by Eva Mendes $60


LOOK 4: Sunglasses: Karen Walker Derby Sunglasses $100, Necklace: Samantha Wills Necklaces $90, Pants: Notion of Legacy $100 donated by Pip Edwards.


LOOK 5: Earrings: Samantha Wills $60, Dress: Yeojin Bae $350, Clutch: Tan + Brown Snakeskin Clutch $300, Ring: Samantha Wills worn by Drew Barrymore - Auction, Shoes: Alexander McQueen donated by Charlotte Dawson $1500

LOOK 6: Dress: Zimmerman $760, Ring: Samantha Wills $60

It was just so great to collaborate with Nicole again and looking forward to working with her on more projects very soon! Very grateful to all the team at the ARC Factory for asking us to be involved in such a worthwhile cause.




Well look who's back in business! And here to bring excuses... yes my blog has been neglected - why? The honest truth is that I simply didn't want to be a blogger,  I wasn't enjoying posting,  I've needed a bit of R&R, a bit of soul searching, a bit of self love.
So, two weeks in the Phillipines and I'm feeling revitalised and revamped. Ready to work, ready to blog my little heart out again. I'm so grateful you've all stuck around!
I'm very proud to present the latest Stylestalker lookbook, featuring the one and only Alex Spencer of 4th and Bleeker fame, shot by Kimberly Gordon of Wildfox and styled by Christine from the blog Christeric. Susie and Rach have really outdone themselves with this ultra collaboration and I for one am so impressed. I want every piece.
I'm back! xx
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