LOVER at Day 1, RAFW.
So sophisticated, the Lover girl is all grown up.


Mouthwash said...

Zanita, I know I say this every time I am on here, but your photography is absolutely stunning. I cannot believe how much you have grown as a photographer! Honestly, these images are stunning. Worthy of W and Vogue.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Really great pics Zanita!! x

Di said...

fantastic photos!!
the clothes look so fantastic~
love all the lace & feminine qualities, SO PRETTY!!!
So far, the bits & pieces what I've seen of RAFW looks absolutely fabulous!
xo Diana

Style Anywhere said...

beautiful images!

Crystal said...

I'm really loving this combined image trend you're doing here. It makes for very interesting photos.

Tabitha Nurlita said...

Zanita, four thumbs up to ur pictures. Awesome as always. Xoxo

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