Ginger & Smart


Thursday night's Ginger and Smart collection titled 'Anon' showed in the incredible Wooloomooloo finger wharf, with its endless expanse of ceiling and length, it truly felt like the space was built for a catwalk. I was lucky enough to be seated with a fantastic vantage point for snapping the girls on the move and didn't they look so modern and elegant in the vibrant maxi's - the pink being my absolute favourite of the evening, along with the yellow gown - hope it comes in white! (presently on the hunt for my wedding gown).The show was my first to attend as part of Fashion Week in Sydney and what a delight to finally meet a bevy of Aussie bloggers eagerly snapping away. First pic, Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper and Sara of Harper and Harley, second pic, Emily of Little Blackbook and Margaret of Shine by Three.
As of next week, whether the editors like it or not, bloggers are going to be all over this town!!! Tomorrow I'll be posting my snaps from the Mrs Press show, stay tuned :)

P.S. Sorry again for the long hiatus, I'm just a bit useless and keeping on top of things.


Wida said...

What stunning photos! Definitely must've been fun!

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Krista said...

AMAZING photos and lighting!!! LOVE! X

sophie francesca. said...

Love this collection! The bright pop of colours is so reminiscent of Jil Sander, and the printed maxi dress is stunning.

PiruletadeGato said...

Wow amazing dresses!!

*sunday* said...

Ginger & Smart is one of my favourite Australian brands and now i am reminded why... I love the colours and the flowing dresses.. Shame it is so hard to get hold of over in the UK.. i guess internet shopping it is :(

Heather Cavanaugh said...

WOW the photos and the clothing are STUNNING!!! That yellow dress made my jaw drop! I also LOVE the pink flowly skirt! WOWZERS!

Sasha said...

I love the simple sha[es and bright colors of the garments! Great!

diana said...

just came across your blog from garypeppervintage~ your photos of the show are stunning!!! the collection looks beautifullll~ love the mirror effect you created for some of the images too :)
following your blog now~ love your editorial photos!
xo Diana

Sailor Jamee said...

WOW. Beautiful show. Australian designers have been so on point lately!

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