So Grace

My test with the beautiful Grace (Priscillas). I met Grace at a casting and noted that the pictures in her book, while absolutely lovely, didn't do justice to her bright eyed gaze. So this morning we had a little test together! She's such a striking beauty and I'm so jealous of her glossy straight hair. Hope you like.

nude dress, Cameo
Sheer shirt, American Apparel
everything else, Vintage


Klaudia said...

beautiful images, especially love the 5th picture!

chloe.eloise♥ said...

Amazingly beautiful photography. I love the 5th photo. Gorgeous.

Fox Whiskers

Kate said...

The fourth pic down is amazing- how cool are her eyes! x

STEFANIE said...

She reminds me of Clémence Poésy a bit :) Beautiful!

joninel said...


Mouthwash said...

You my dear, are really developing into an amazing photographer. I know I've said this before, but it is really so cool to watch your talent develop and flourish. Beautiful!


Romy said...

Really love your blog and photos!
Great work!
Xoxo, a french reader ;)

Alicia Lansdown said...

I love your photography but i wonder if you use fill flash a lot?

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