LA Love

Susie just returned from LA, had an amazing time and I've spent the last two days sulking on how I missed out. I made such great friends with some of the American Apparel crew (I miss them!) and a return trip is well overdue. Its going to happen! I just need to go for a couple weeks - so I can catch up with everyone I'd like to and plan loads of shoots with all the fantastic LA bloggers and labels. I hoping to get there in May.
I can't believe I had forgotten to post these images from my last trip! Taghrid and Martine drove me around to a whole load of landmarks for the day - which was a bit tough - because I was kind of giving directions even though I'd never been to Los Angeles before... Thanks for putting up with me ladies!
Thankfully you can't tell how sick I was from these pics.... long flights equal flu symptoms from hell.

All clothing and sunglasses, American Apparel


Tallyn said...

great pics!!

would love if your zanita logo allowed the reader to get back to your home page!!


Zanita said...

Fixed it Tallyn - thanks for the tip!

Igor+andré said...

WHAT?! you were in my backyard and we didnt hang again! :( awe let me know next time you come out k?!
Hope your doing great!

Louise said...

That pink skirt is gorgeous.

Emily said...

You look wonderful here Zanita, so happy!


mom & son said...

You are gorgeous in whatever outfits you wear!

Tori Walker said...

You look amazing! Love that second photo(:
This make me excited to go to L.A. again! I am going in summer!!

Anonymous said...

great photos :D

Anet said...

you photo is amazing

ediot said...

no you cannot ever think that you're sick here, you look amazing! love the photos and the clothes are great too!

cole said...

I love your outfits, they look gorgeous!
XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
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martine said...

thanks for the shout out!! come back to LA soon!!!!! xo

Christina Marie said...

Lovely photos! I'm glad you enjoyed LA. (:


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hi Zanita! I love your first outfit! So glad to see you smiling and having fun! My best friend just moved to LA there and I'm thinking of visiting her this year! xoxoxoo

*sunday* said...

love the last outfit!


Julie Khuu said...

Those tights are super fun and totally edgy California chic! Been seeing lots of stripes everywhere, everyday 'round here- Must be spring! Great pix as always!


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