The Casting


It's honestly the most bizarre experience to be on the other side of this... So many gorgeous girls! And my friends at that. A little heartbreaking that I couldn't book each one of them.
My special project with Puma coming soon.
1. Lauren R, Susan, Matilda, CJ
2. CJ, Lauren R, Kerry
3. Eliza, Brooke
4.  Matilda, Joanna, Kerry


Sushi said...

They are all stunning and the photography is beautiful. Must be such as hard choice to make! x Sushi

Wida said...

Congrats! It's kind of crazy how you are in the awe of beauty so much. It must be a fabulous world! You are so lucky!

Missing Amsie Blog

Kelly said...

Wow - hard decision indeed.
Funnily enough though I was drawn straight to the same girl in the first and last shots - Matilda.
So gorgeous.
All of them are though!
Excited to see what you're upto... x

She Wore It Well said...

i'd have a hard time choosing, too.


Heather said...

O they are all beautiful and these really great shots!!! Such a hard choice!

Be-yes said...

wow!...beautiful spot!

Scraping kitty said...

SO skinny... too skinny. especially when you put them in sport cloths.

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