Shoe Time

If you're the kind of person who would rather see hundreds of varieties of boots in just a few minutes and find exactly what you need rather than endure the torturous hours of hunting in store for that perfect pair then likely you're a fellow fashion blogger or online fashion junkie. Can you imagine my delight to discover I can visit one of the largest shopping centres in the world without lifting my butt away from my computer or taking off my pyjamas? My point is I was invited by Westfield to test out their new online store by purchasing a pair of boots just in time for winter and of course it was an offer I was delighted to accept.

So here's my purchase, the Huskey boot from Mollini in black nubuck. I used to wear a pair like this to school everyday! My new winter staple, my 'Photo-taking' boots.

I was invited to a very cool event last week for Gideon Shoes, Kelly Cutrone made a guest appearance. In my ignorance I actually had no idea who was behind the brand but considering the celebrity support I assumed I was in for something special. What I discovered was a very cool new fashion brand with a conscience.

In 2007 Matt and Naomi Noffs started The Street University – a retreat for marginalised kids in Western Sydney. Two years later Matt and his brother Rupert came up with the idea of a shoe company whose profits would sustain it, and GIDEON SHOES was born.
Their first step was to head to Asia in early 2010 to find a manufacturer, but this research trip led them down a dark, unwelcoming path.
After visiting factories filled with both adults and children working in unacceptable conditions it soon became obvious that having GIDEON SHOES manufactured overseas simply wasn’t an option. We’re in an age where supporting sweat-shops and outsourced fashion is unforgiveable.
Today, production takes place in Australia under ethical, safe and monitored conditons – a feat for any shoe manufacturer. Even better, the shoes are handmade almost entirely from Australian materials, including cane toad hide and kangaroo leather.
GIDEON SHOES are hand-crafted and anti-sweatshop, meaning you can wear them with pride, and with your beliefs on your feet.
Support Australia. Support Young People. Support the ethics you believe in. Buy GIDEON SHOES.
Word is the brand is bringing out a gorgeous Womens shoes soon so stay tuned.

Its made from Kangaroo and Cane Toad leather!  (both animals are pests in Australia)
On another unrelated note I'd really love to own these babies but it won't happen.

All Net-A-Porter - Charlotte Olympia, Marni, Lanvin, Reed Krakoff, Marni. *Sigh* 


Puma Power!

I'm delighted to present the results of my collaboration with Puma featuring the very beautiful Tania Pozzebom.
With  Hussein Chalayan as the Creative Director of Urban Mobility Collection it's clear that Puma is taking great steps to appeal to the fashion minded. How great are the shoes?! Thanks go to Jess Steuart who created each of theses stylin' and street smart looks and Vanessa Collins who mastered the bold lip, clean look that's so right now. It was also great to have the assistance of Anthony Gattari, who incidentally knows more about operating cameras then I do and is worth his weight in gold.

Stylist - Jess Steuart
Hair and Make-up - Vanessa Collins
Photographers Assistant - Anthony Gattari
Photography - Zanita Whittington
Model - Tania Pozzebom @ Priscillas


The Re-Imagination


Here's a second set of images I've selected of Grace, some more creative and editorial choices. The initial edit are the shots I felt were most striking and beautiful of her, shots that would benefit her portfolio the best. These are my favourites! My obvious love for filtered sunlight and wind through the hair are most evident.


So Grace

My test with the beautiful Grace (Priscillas). I met Grace at a casting and noted that the pictures in her book, while absolutely lovely, didn't do justice to her bright eyed gaze. So this morning we had a little test together! She's such a striking beauty and I'm so jealous of her glossy straight hair. Hope you like.

nude dress, Cameo
Sheer shirt, American Apparel
everything else, Vintage


LA Love

Susie just returned from LA, had an amazing time and I've spent the last two days sulking on how I missed out. I made such great friends with some of the American Apparel crew (I miss them!) and a return trip is well overdue. Its going to happen! I just need to go for a couple weeks - so I can catch up with everyone I'd like to and plan loads of shoots with all the fantastic LA bloggers and labels. I hoping to get there in May.
I can't believe I had forgotten to post these images from my last trip! Taghrid and Martine drove me around to a whole load of landmarks for the day - which was a bit tough - because I was kind of giving directions even though I'd never been to Los Angeles before... Thanks for putting up with me ladies!
Thankfully you can't tell how sick I was from these pics.... long flights equal flu symptoms from hell.

All clothing and sunglasses, American Apparel


Oh Man!

So the final show I attended at LMFF was the Menswear show and to be honest it was the one show I thought wouldn't really interest me, but boy was I wrong. One, the dancers were fantastic - except the blonde guy that kicked me in the shin as he was running off the end of the runway - ouch! Two, the guys were smoking hot. Three, Helena Christensen made a surprise appearance and didn't she just saunter down the runway like it was nobodies business. Girl still got it. Stunning.
Damien Rinaldo, L'Oreal Professionnel Ambassador  created the sleek do's on the blokes, if only the men of the general populace would commit to looking so polished. We can wish ladies.


Runway 4


Runway 4 at LMFF and another beautiful look created by L'Oreal Professional Hair Director, Brad Ngata. So elegant and fresh, a modern take on a classic look. You can spot me creeping around the background in these photos, in the backstage mania I'm just like 'Where's Wally?'.




I had the great pleasure of being invited down to Melbourne yesterday to indulge in some backstage camera shenanigans at three of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. As always it was a beautiful thing to see these stylists in action and the girls were shining in this glossy look created by L'Oreal Professional Hair Director Caterina Di Biase. So sleek and expensive looking, I loved the way the hair shone in the backstage downlighting. It's truly amazing how much effort and expertise it takes to create such a seemingly simple look. Special mention has to go to whoever managed the casting of these shows, all the girls were statuesque and gorgeous.
So this was show Runway 3, next up Runway 4... and then, The Menswear featuring HELENA CHRISTENSEN!
She's phenomenal.
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