Phillipa Doll


My test with Phillipa at Priscillas. As you can probably tell I've run out of ideas for names of these tests so its going to be lines from my favourite songs from this point on, can you guess the track? No cheating.
Anyway, Phillipa is a total babe and has a really bright future ahead of her. 5'11 with incredible long lines, hopefully we'll see her gracing the global runways next season. The two of us managed to score loads of great shots in the couple hours we spent together. I've decided to make it a priority to get loads of headshots  for models in future tests because these are really the hardest images to gain in your portfolio and the most valuable. The front of any models card needs that essential striking beauty shot and without it, its tricky to garner the right kind of attention.

3-4. swimsuit, Somedays Lovin
5-6. shirt, Somedays Lovin. sunglasses, models own
6-7. pants, American Apparel. bra top, Staple. everything else, models own
8. shirt, American Apparel
9. jumpsuit, Somedays Lovin
11. shirt, Somedays Lovin. short, Stylestalker. shoes, Gmarket


rachel kara said...

The rust jeans & the black and white. To die for.

Miss Bias said...

Phillipa is extremely beautiful. I hope she does well in the modelling world.

You achieved beautiful photography on this shoot.

The Stylstalker shoes are divine.

Miss Bias

Zanita said...

Hey Miss Bias,
Thanks so much.
Its actually the sequined shorts that are by stylestalker and the shoes are from gmarket.

Emm said...

I am the biggest fan. Saw them live a couple years back, I did a bit of sing/crying during the chain.
they are rock and roll monsters
(of the best kind!!!)


Anonymous said...

I totally love this post! those shoes are stunning!


mom & son said...

dear, your photography is superb!
you are so talented. keep it up.

Annie said...

beautiful pictures!!

Dylana Suarez said...

This girl is so so gorgeous!


Klaudia said...

Wow! That headshot is captivating! Beautiful girl and fantastic photography, your use of light is phenomenal!


Céci said...

I think I never commented here, but I have you in my feedly since a good while. I love your photos, the atmosphere, the light, your talent, everything.
I hope you don't mind if I beg for something ;) , I 've started a board on pinterest dedicated to women photographers, famous or not, sometimes it's just an inspirational picture, but most of all, I pin on this board women photographers whose work I admire or for their life or personality. I would like to ad a picture of you with your cam, is there anyone in your blog, do you have a link?
Thank you in advance,
and thank you for your amazing photos, I really love them, it's always a pleasure.

joninel said...

amazing as always :)

Dusk said...

Ahhh... The Chain...

BUT OHMYGOD! This girl is beyond divine and the way you have photographed her... takes my breath away!

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 8th images... the light is so exquisite I'm going to faint for lack of breathing!

You are just getting better and beter frame by frame. Briliant Zanita. Just brilliant.

Anonymous said...

love the lighting:)

much love from Tokyo,

Justyna said...

beautiful! perfectly styled and shot!

STARR said...

Really gorgeous <3

*sunday* said...

beautiful shots Zanita, as usual. Frankly im running out of compliments here...

p.s. was at london fashion week the other day and started talking to this Australian girl named Hannah.. I mentioned to her that there are nowhere near enough good aussie blogs around. Mentioned yours as an example of a great aussie blog. Works out she knows you and you two are mates! Such a small blogging world :)

dani said...

i'd really love it every piece in this shoot moved into my wardrobe!

Fashion Tidbits said...

the last shot is my fave! her body is just PHE-NOM-ENAL!!!!

The Dress Up Corner said...

Phillipa is a total're a total babe. you're an amazing photographer.

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