Me on a Tee!


One of the most unbelievable things to ever happen to me, my face on a tee shirt at Zara! Thanks so much to the tweeters who sent me these two shots, long time followers of my blog might recognise the image from way back when I was using my useless little point and shoot camera, snapping this series in my bathroom. The people who I've been working with in Spain have assured me that I have some of the shirts arriving the post any day now so expect an outfit post very soon, my face on my chest. I'm not 27 by the way, I'm 24. Not sure how that got there.
Just weird/awesome.


Annie said...

i want that tee!

the italian Job said...

I saw this in Rome yesterday, I had to go and take a closer look to check it was you. Well done !! xx

Fashion Tidbits said...

hehe, congrats?!

Nicole Fendel Jewellery said...

that is awesome!! Can we get in Australia??

Anonymous said...

That must be so weird to have your face on a tee. I know i'd feel strange about it. but you are so beautiful - these tees look cute!

xo Sherrie

Jes said...


Diyanah R. said...

I KNEW IT ! I thought the tee that I saw looked like you but I haven't seen those pictures and just shrugged it off .. THEY WERE YOU :D

M* said...

i was going to send you the pic rigth now...i saw it a month Spain...a lot of bloggers are having problems with zara. Is in spanish hope you can translate the page.


geisharock said...

As m* above said, bloggers have been having trouble with Zara just taking their blog photos and putting them on t-shirts. Le Blog de Betty was horrified to see one of her blog photos tweaked a bit and put onto a t-shirt without so much as a copyright symbol!

I too have seen this exact t-shirt in Zara stores but without the details at the bottom - I did think that the girl looked like you but I thought that as there was no disclaimer or additional information it was simply one of Zara's own photos from a photoshoot of their own doing.

If they contacted you for permission to use your photographs, fine and congrats! If not, however, I suggest that you contact them to see what the deal is because they have carried out blatant copyright infringement. This is just the beginning - what if they used your beautiful editorial shots in their lookbooks to promote a certain item or look?

Love the blog and just thought I'd give my 2 cents :)


LH said...

I hope Zara is paying you!


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