Head Shot

Confession: I've been working as a model these past couple months without having a card to take to castings! Pretty bad form on my part, I have been promising Priscillas that I would auto-portrait myself but its just something I haven't prioritised in my manic schedule - until now. Not even sure if the agency will like these shots, if they don't I'll simply shoot a few more images with a little more styling, perhaps I'll get a make-up artist... but really I'd prefer not too, I see enough of my own face. I prefer to spend my time achieving beautiful images of fresh faces. Really I just get such a buzz, which I why I think I continually improve and feel I have so much more to give. You have to love what you do and I truly love fashion photography, plus I'm a huge 'photographer fan'. Inez & Vinoodh, Camilla Akrans, Knoepfel and Indlekofer, Sorrenti, Lindbergh, Greg Kadel, Laurie Bartley, Bruce Weber, Nicole Bentley, Justin Smith, Georges Antoni, Benny Horne, Paola Kudacki, Sebastian Faena, Sharif Hamza, Solve Sundsbo, Willy Vanderperre.... I could go on. 

So these two shots - they aren't actually the final result of my work but photoshop is a wonderful/deceptive thing and while I was playing with effects I decided I really enjoyed this artistic look. It reminds me of the movie Ever After, the 'Da Vinci' portrait of Drew Barrymore. 
Something different anyway.


Something Cakes said...

These images are gorgeous. The second one sings to me!

I'm sure you already know a thousand but if you need a MUA in Sydney I know a wonderful girl!


Kent Johnson said...

I think you should let me do your headshot.


Anonymous said...

how did you achieve this look via PS? which filter?

Miss Bias said...

Photoshop is a wonderful application. I agree, these photos really suit the artistic feel. How could anyone not like them?!

Miss Bias

zanita said...

hey anon - coloured pencil in filter gallery

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful in these portraits! I love the filtering work and the effect

xo sherrie

Fashion Cappuccino said...

They're gorgeous portraits of you Zanita! I was going to say the same thing about Ever After too! xoxoxoo

Céci said...

simply beautiful.
That's kind of a response to my previous comment.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

They are beautiful Zanita!! I especially love the second one!

In Paris one year for the show castings the bookers took their favourite head shot of us girls and illustrated on it, so it was half photo and half drawing -it definitely looked super cool.

Would be fun seeing one of these images on your set card! x

Fashion Tidbits said...

pretty cool!!!

ChrisB said...

You should paint this girl, naked.



emily said...

oh these are just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, love the artistic effects.


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