Beauteous Claudia

My life has been pretty crazy lately, so many things happening and most unfortunately my blog has taken a backseat - but fear not! It's another post!
This lovely lass is Claudia, another new girl at Priscillas. One of her first shoots! Bright future ahead no doubt.
I've styled again and to be honest I have to admit I hate having to do the styling but considering I plan these things at the last minute I really have little choice. The light was pretty problematic as we were shooting at around 1.30pm with the sun well high in the sky, I didn't have a scrim or assistant to help out so I have to just work with bouncing light off walls and holding the reflector between my teeth and balancing it on my knee. The shot with the yellow swimsuit, red bodysuit I'm using the little flash on top of my camera.... dreadful!
However inconsistent I'm still content with the result.

1. red swimsuit, Somedays Lovin , Jewellery (worn throughout) Diva
2. swimsuit, Somedays Lovin , pink shorts American Apparel
3. hat, vintage. swimsuit, American Apparel
4. shirt, Somedays Lovin, swimsuit, American Apparel
5. swimsuit and mesh bodysuit, American Apparel
6. scarf, Ellery for Sportsgirl. top, Staple


Wida said...

She is gorgeous, love the post!


S said...

These photos look amazing. I love the last one, with the sequined bandeau top.

chichichic.wordpress.com said...

so stunning indeed!!!!!!

Friend in Fashion said...

Lovely as always - that second to last pic looks a lot like you!

Friend in Fashion

Nicole Fendel Jewellery said...

you should hire an assistant. But your hard work made these shots so damn good!
check out Nicole Fendel Jewelry, hope you like my line.

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

such a timely shoot :) and she knocked it out of the ballpark, amazing.

Fashion Tidbits said...

Yay you're back. The picture where she's sitting in the corner of the pool is my fave. She almost looks like a different person!

Ruth said...

Haha, you forget how much effort can go into one picture!

I'm still not very good at my camera in Manual so I need to take like a million more pictures than I need adjusting the settings all the time hoping I get a good one! Its difficult to tell what works and what doesn't from the little screen on the back of the camera!


carlos fabrizio said...

These came out great despite all the stress of being solo. On the styling, I know the feeling about having to style yourself. I've done so for many of my shoots. Although it's a great experience, I would prefer to concentrate on the other essentials of the shoot and leave the styling to someone else. I just wish there were more, good stylists out there. You did what you had to do to make this shoot work and the images speak for themselves. I love when a photographer demonstrates that beautiful images can be created without a crew of 10 and multiple lights. Thanks for sharing. :)

Lux said...

Yes, the result is gorgeous!



*sunday* said...

that first photo is amazing! good to have you back.. dont disappear


Anonymous said...

I was reading below your new years resolutions, you definitely need tot start a website to showcase your work! xx

elglamourestaenlosdetalles@gmail.com said...

I like the first picture... awesome!


fashion clocked said...

completely amazing- adore the photography, the styling and wow her figure is just off the hook...so glad I hardly ate yesterday! haha. stunning.Katie.x
fashion clocked

Copious Couture said...

Love all the once piece bathing suits! Love them!


Anonymous said...

The photos are absolutely beautiful!
I can't believe you shot them in that kind of situation!


Anka Kuprian said...

It's funny, cause that's the first shoot that caught my eye mainly because of great work with light! I'm impressed!

My Look book S&S said...

Hola!!me gusta mucho tu blog y me he animado a seguirlo, he creado yo uno hace poco y me gustaria que lo siguieras y ver que te parece!que al ser nueva necesito apoyo y animo!muchas gracias!un besazo!!!


kirstyb said...

loving the pics xxxx

Anonymous said...

Even planned last minute, the styling and photography in these look amazing. Fantastic job.

xo Sherrie

paula said...

Amazing fotos!


liza said...

She's very pretty! Love the photos, they're gorgeous ♥



thisiswhatidwear said...

wow. i wouldn't have found myself suprised if you said 'i scanned these photos out of VOGUE.' They're so incredible! I haven't visited your blog in a long time so I'm V. excited to see the photos you've been taking :)



CAMILLE said...

Zanita...your work just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait to get to sydney soon so I can help you out with styling...the move has just been taking longer then I thought. I will keep in contact though as soon as I get there!

chuck n. said...

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