Female Form

One of my favourite photographers lately is David Bellemere, a master of the female silhouette and natural (almost) lighting. Not since Peter Lindbergh have I seen a photographer create such a dramatic mood while still maintaining an original and beautiful style. David is a true artist.
Check out his work for Italian Marie Claire here.
Nothing like perusing his work to inspire me to think creatively.

Pink Dust


I remember posting lasting year while I was working in London that I had the opportunity to work for renowned British photographer Rankin on one of his projects. I finally spotted the image on his website so you can see the real before and after result.
I copped alot of pink dust (coloured polenta!) in my eyes and ears but the end result it definitely worth it.


Cooper Thompson


Little test I did with the beautiful Cooper Thompson (chic management). What a stunning face!

Sorry for the delay between posts - I've been so busy. Huge thankyou to everyone who reposted our Stylestalker lookbook, its so appreciated. We love you!




Here's Stylestalker x Me x Bambi (Priscillas) teaming together for a lookbook, special mentions to Bel (Lovemore) for her assisting prowess and Anni Hall, make-up extraordinaire. Probably the coldest day of the year out at Clovelly beach but Miss Bambi battled gale force winds and sub zero temperatures (at least it felt like sub-zero) to pull out some fierce blue steel action.
A freezing but fruitful day.

Thankyou so so so so very much to Joanna from Fashion Gone Rogue for featuring our shoot. I feel like its my birthday.


Mr Alasdair

Brit Alasdair McClellan is one of the photographers I admire the most. I love his use of natural light, the way his subjects always capture a mood to perfection. The styling seems to be an afterthought but always plays a strong feature in the whole theme. You can see grittiness, the romance, the emotion. I guess I could say I emulate his work but when I'm shooting all I'm thinking about is how to create a beautiful image using the assets of a model, which is what I imagine he has in mind also. Bruce Weber  also has a similar style to Alasdair.

In another news I've got another giveaway happening, this time it's tickets to a sweet party being held in Melbourne courtesy of Puma who are launching their new campaign dedicated to the After Hours Athlete. Its being held at Goodtimes Studios and will feature free beer and mini golf (my kind of party!).
I got 5 double passes and they'll be going to the first five peeps that email me with their details!
Wishing to be in Melbourne this friday....


Miss Margaret


Another one of my blogger collaborations, this time with the eternally stylish Miss Margaret Zhang of Shine by three. Check Margaret's blog later for the styling references. Such a delight to spend a morning with this pretty lady in the sun.  Here's to hoping I get around to doing plenty more collaborations with bloggers who inspire me in the not too distant future.
Been hating on the internet, email and social networking lately... the inescapable truth...knowing I will be spending such a large portion of my life staring into a glossy screen. Rebellion!
Only joking.
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