Thanks so much to Jeremy from We Are Handsome and the incredible Rachel Grasso (Priscillas) for spending a precious Sunday afternoon to work with me on this one. You can check out my interview alongside the images on the We Are Handsome blog.
I really couldn't go wrong with these unforgettable swimsuits and model muse Rachel.

All swimsuits, We Are Handsome
white shirt, models own
leather jacket and sunglasses, models own
wooden sunglasses, Shwood
'Gidget' laced blouse, Stylestalker


Fresh Faced

New girl Monica and me, one of her first photoshoots. Adore her freckles.
Probably should have cropped these all the same size... later.


Summer Cycle

I love my bike so very much. In the last couple years the City of Sydney has taken initiatives to make the city more bike friendly and it makes getting around such a breeze. Looking forward getting to know all the cycle paths over the summer. I'm trying to be cool by not wearing my helmet in the first shot, no doubt i look like a bit of a geek steadily cycling along the footpaths in my glaringly white stackhat. Best thing about my bike is that it's already paid for itself considering the petrol I've saved. Three cheers for the ozone layer!
Thanks to my friend Sarah for snapping these for me.

bike, Cell Bikes
pants, Stussy
singlet, Mooks
shirt, Hakei
shoes, Urban Outfitters


Oh Bettina!


Bettina Liano jeans, always the go to brand for Aussie girls. I'm wearing the new O jean, tight as hell and higher on the hips. I've borrowed Rachels crochet poncho paired  with a baggy tee, not sure if it really works but i'll leave that to you folks to decide. I've been pretty busy with extra curricular activities, namely helping a friend paint his house and joining a dragonboat team.  For those of you who've never heard of a dragonboating is where 22 people paddle a large boat until they feel like they want to die. Or maybe I just feel like a want to die. 

tee, Topshop
crochet poncho, Vintage


Outfit Post


I recently set up an office space in Stylestalker HQ sharing with my besties Susie and Rach. Prepare to get alot more shots of me standing by this window, its just most convenient. The sunglasses are my new favourites, I purchased them online at Urban Outfitters for half the price that they are in Oz. Gotta love the charging Australian dollar against the Greenback.

singlet, Stussy
maxi-skirt (its long enough!), Supre

I received the most amazing haul of American Apparel swimmers and I'm just busting to shoot them. So thats what is coming up on my blog - as well as my collaboration for The Handsome Project. Check out I AM FRANK's take on these incredible suits.
Rachel Grasso (Priscillas) for The Handsome Project... by me. :)

Supposed to get all of this up yesterday but my internet failed. A bloggers worst nightmare!


Urchin Girl

A shoot at my favourite (secret location) by the uber talented Jenni Hare. These pics are actually around 9 months old - there was bit of a delay getting them into my hot little hands. I love modelling for tests almost as much as I love shooting them. Working with new creative talent is exciting.
Sorry I don't have the styling references. Hopefully you enjoy a bit of side boob.

Photographer: Jenni Hare
Stylist: Emily Yee
Model: Me!


Sweeter Side

The sweeter and smokin' sides of Miss Danica Smith.
1. American Apparel scarf, vintage lace cardigan
2. American Apparel high waisted trousers, Carla Zampatti shirt, vintage belt
3. Cameo dress, American Apparel headband


Tough Chic

Model, Danica Smith
Hair/Make-up, Anni Hall (Anni's blog)
Photography/Styling, Zanita Whittington (me!)

1. Stylestalker Dress, Rachel Gilbert jacket
2. Zara blazer, vintage belt
3. vintage shirt, Helmut Lang leather trousers  (models own), models own jewellery
4. Christopher Kane for Topshop shirt, customised vintage shorts, Cue Belt, models own jewellery
5. American Apparel skirt and shorts, models own Vest and shoes, vintage jewellery
6. None the Richer sequined and studded jacket (amazing!), models own jewellery and underwear
7. Finders Keepers skirt, everything else models own.

Beautiful Danica Smith - I was looking forward to working with this girl because of her illustrious career as a professional dancer. Dancers make for fantastic models because they can move - much like actresses make for great models because they can emote.
I shot all of this in my backyard, with backdrops hanging along the fence.
More posts to come... maybe even some outfit posts!?
Thanks so much for sticking around.
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