I've started dressing in man-style everyday because I've been taking a bit of time away from modelling and I dont really feel the need to dress up in skirts, tights, heels. What I've learnt from this is that taking that little bit of extra effort each day to look a little more snappy really does give you more confidence in yourself. I'm really awful at following through on goals but I'm going to try to take it up a notch when it comes to dressing. That means fewer days of jeans, tees and sneakers and hopefully more regular outfit posts.
Still, this man coat is so great.

coat, American Apparel
Snapper dress, Stylestalker
belt, Diesel
sunglasses, Le Specs


The Winner!

(Frou Frou blog)
And the winning Aussie blogger is Frou Frou! Here's to hoping this voucher inspires plenty more delectable posts on your mouthwatering blog.

Thanks again to all of you for entering - and I shall endeavour to find some more of these generous giveaways in the near future. Have a great weekend!


Toi Et Moi

One of the most exciting things to happen to me this year was being ask to self shoot the Toi Et Moi Summer collection lookbook. It was pretty challenging with bad weather and other set-backs but the result is something I'm proud of and I'm very grateful designer to Gill from Toi et Moi for taking a chance on me. You can get hold of any of these beautiful, whimsical pieces and many more from General Pants or Bird Motel from September onwards - or for more details check out the TOI ET MOI BLOG.


How To

Love Love Love this editorial from Vogue Germany by Phil Poynter starring Maryna Linchuk. I adore the use of black and white, the wide angle lens, the movement, the high contrast natural light, the incredible setting. So much drama and an intriguing story.

In other news I'm having my first giveaway on this blog! Paypal is launching HopShopGo, which is an amazing service that allows you to shop online at stores in the USA which don't offer international shipping. 
Check it out at
Only Australian Bloggers are eligible so if you want to participate, leave a comment mentioning HOPSHOPGO and you'll be in the running to win a $200 voucher. The competition will be drawn using on Friday 7pm EST.


Hey Mimco


Thanks so much the the girls at Mimco for sending me this incredibly beautiful handbag, which inspires me to look to post WWII fashion trends for styling. I've featured the video created by the team at Mimco which stars Emma Balfour - who's currently having career revival. Love this work.
My boyfriend helped to snap these shots - it really saves me so much time to have someone else pressing the trigger.

coat, Army Surplus
skirt, American Apparel
earrings, Vintage
shirt, Carla Zampatti

I'm really grateful for the exceptionally generous comments you've all been giving me on my latest posts - hopefully I can continue to improve and provide original content as my career progresses. Much love!


Cola Girl

So very very gorgeous. I get another chance to shoot my friend Katie Ball (Priscillas) while she flits back to Oz. Amelia Axton created my favourite look, 90's supermodel styles - check her site here.
Will post styling references later.

Illamasqua Faces 2


Some of the incredible bronzed beauties against black. Tiah, Simone, Rachel, Adelle.
Still more to come from my Myer show coverage.


Illamasqua Faces

Here's the first of a few posts featuring my backstage shots from the Myer summer show. Thanks so much to Alex Cummins and the team at Illamasqua for allowing me to feature the masterful Alex Box's creations! You can check out the new Illamasqua  range at their first flagship in the CBD myer store in Sydney.
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