Lazy Me


Wipeout Dress
Triton Tee
Talulah Tee
So here's a quick post featuring some of my favourite pieces from the new Stylestalker collection online now, postage is cheap right now so it's the perfect excuse to get something fresh to tide you over for the remainder of summer - or in preparation for summer depending on your hemisphere. I'm actually working on an outfit post right now believe it or not. It's been hard to blog in winter, its always dark and raining.


MissZuri said...
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MissZuri said...

i like the middle dress alot!!!

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Emm said...

love everything.
I'm all about comfort after coming home. just leggings, jeans and maxi skirts paired with a vintage blouse. so easy =) so i really love this look when worn with your amazing clogs and sunnies


Niveeik said...

My favorites are 1+3 (from the top)!

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