Beauty Embodied

This is an inspiration post highlighting the kind of style that appeals to me when it comes to working with other models. I'm not really into grunge and I'm hoping that one day I'll have the opportunity to shoot high end designers whose clothes are designed for women who are powerful, elegant, confident, sexy, demure, effortless. I love feminine silhouettes and intense expression, strong body language. My favourite editorials are those that tell a story about the kind of woman wearing the clothes. The mood is very important and its usually the difference between an experienced model and a new girl.

Kate, Eniko, Malgosia, Natasha and Isabeli are genius.


simona said...


mom & son said...

Hi Gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing and
I love it all a lot!

Esther said...

amazing scans these are. my favourite is the second <3 while i do like the rather grunge & hippe look that's going on right now, i also love simple, sensual & romantic editorials that focuses on portraying the mood & the essence of feminity

Kelly said...

Oh those two summer shoots of Poly and Mossy were pure love.
It is absolutely going to happen for you one day Miss Z - I am SURE of it!

Not a Paper Cup said...

Cool inspiration. I can appreciate the grunge in some ways, I agree with Esther, also love the editorials that focus on portraying femininity.

Eden said...


joninel said...

aweosome inspiration :D

M said...

eniko is definitely good

The Velvet Bow said...

All absolutely amazing!

Mouthwash said...

these models and photos are so beautiful. It makes me crave beauty in every aspect of my life.


JoeyAna said...

AGREED!!Kate Moss is gorgeous!


reckless daughter said...

I totally agree and I love each and every one of these shots!

Fashion Tidbits said...

oh wow!!!!!! just beaut shots!!! i'm not really into grunge either

kaitlyn said...

all of these women have such timeless beauty. thanks for posting!


Fashion Chalet said...

I'd love to have my photo take by you <3


twisted silhouette said...

these are BEAUTIFUL shots. love each and every picture, all very inspiring. strong pictures of women that really show off their feminine side!

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