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Have been AWOL on my blog this past week having been busy with various projects but I have a few good outfit posts planned over the next week so hopefully I can make up for it.

My good friend Hope Watson (Chadwicks) agreed to testing with me this week and I'm soooo happy with the results, she's really great to shoot because her features are so striking and she looks great from any angle. We pooled our resources to produce this sporty theme styling - which suits her so well.

Hope also has a blog Girl Meets Ball, detailing all things to do with the World Cup and Australian Soccer. Its the perfect place to go if you want to impress your guy friends with soccer trivia while they are all glued to the couch during the pending Fifa event!

Outfit 1: heels, GMarket. everything else, Models own
Outfit 2: cape, American Apparel. singlet and bra, Models own
Outfit 3: cape, American Apparel. heels, ASOS, everything else, Models own
Outfit 4: riding pant, American Apparel. tee, Nike
Outfit 5: satin jacket and socks, American Apparel. everything else, Models own
Outfit 6: bike shorts, American Apparel, everything else, Models own
Outfit 7: singlet, American Apparel. bra, Models own


Mariel said...

Man I love the shoes in these.

Marine said...

these pictures are amazing, you did an awesome job! I love the outfits, did you style them?
this is a realy lovely post <3
Marine / another fucking fashionista

revital said...

gorgeous photos!!

revital said...

amazing photos!!

Jes said...

Amazing eyebrows and cheekbones! Love the styling. Have a rad weekend sweet x

K N O C K Y O U F O R S I X said...

Shes stunning, as is your photography skills, reminds me of an old Russh sport editorial, keep it coming :)

Nicola @

le pearl said...

she looks great! I love any chick that appreciates soccer/football


mom & son said...

darling zanita, you photography work is really
awesome. you take photos like a pro.
love it all! nice job!

Sundari said...

This whole set looks great! Well done both of you!

Fashion Tidbits said...

arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!you're a genius, zanita. this is so my style! loving it! am going to totally post about it too

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Great pics <3


Emm said...

i love this sporty shoot! She look freakin amazing
love the bike shorts
perfect styling and yes amazing angle shots


To Vogue or Bust said...

Love the shoot, beautiful lighting! It really suits the clothes you were shooting and the location.

AA is great for sporty chic, and I would know being a jock and having to try to look somewhat pretty at the same time! Great job.

Mouthwash said...

honestly, by the first photo I could tell that these were yours. It's so incredible to see you develop as a photographer right before our eyes! Wonderful job!


RaceforProsperity said...

love the sporty photos

R said...

she has this raw vibe that translates well in the photos. it's so right for summer. beautiful execution!

Kendr▲ said...

Love that you are posting again, looks like you got your inspiration back :)

leeselooks said...

oh my gosh z !

this is incredible.

so me too - i am such a giant tomboy.

would love to do something with skateboarding + the williamsburg bridge... imagine that shoot ? ahhh. you are a genius behind the camera.

hope you are well beauty
sending heaps of love


Anonymous said...

hey zanita! i saw u in the shop til you drop magazine!
i was wondering if i could get some advice for a yr 12 formal dress!
i want a long dress, designs like lisa ho but they are too expensive! do u know any other brands that have similar styles but in my price range?
it would be greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos!! xxx

Maria C said...

this so great, i can see it in a fashion mag!

Åska said...

Really good pics! :)

Teresa said...

Wow, great photos Zanita! They look straight out of a magazine!


Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

Oh I love the third picture and the one with the nike t.shirt !


rebel attitude said...

lovely photos!! Me I take my photos with a Canon G10. I hope you like them!!

Anonymous said...

oh how stunning! i especially love that photo of her in the emerald green shorts! beauty!



girlmeetsball said...

Far out this chick is MINGING!

HAha, thanks for the sexy pics and a lovely arvo Zan!!!


Liya said...

Zanita, it is amazing to see your progress! Although you are posting less these days, every post is just such a treat! The photos look great from (what i assume) your new D700 :)

Kelly said...

Have you been snapped up by any mags yet?!
Every 'test' shoot - as you call them - is more gorgeous than the last.
I think you can safely start calling them just 'shoots' now Z!
Love the new header btw.

Eilish said...

This is simply ah-mazing !!
She's gorgeous and these shots are wonderful :)

Luci said...

loves it!

If anyone's interested, I'm clearing out my wardrobe on Ebay:


Zanita said...

Hey Anon - I'd recommend try David Jones or Myer. Don't buy a dress from those awful formal dress shops!

ponyhunter said...

wow, this is great, styling, photographing, modelling, you really are the whole package aren't you!! i can tell you'll go really far in the industry.

Jodie said...

absolutely amazing.

CAROLINE. said...

I'm always so taken by your photos. They're so impressive.

blonde on blonde said...

gorgeous as always!


Constance said...

Your photos never stop amazing me! You have come so far and they are so beautiful. well done!!

Jessica said...

so beautiful Zanita!
I use a D700 too, they are so so nice arent they?

Have a look some of my recent fashion photography if you like, I think you might like it :)

S. said...

you take such beautiful pictures! great sense of style too.

Trish Stratus said...

for one shes very pretty.

Wrecked Stellar said...

Wow she's super stunning! Love the styling!

robert megan said...

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golfudstyr said...

I think the model is perfect for these type of shots... Nice job.

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