Double Take

Another outfit post! Casual Sunday styles. I really love this leather hat - from Storets.

pants, Zara
shirt, American Apparel
shoes, Army Surplus
jumper, Wrangler


Anonymous said...

incredibly gorgeous!



Crystal said...

I love the longer length of the blouse under the sweater!

Frou Frou said...

I have never seen anyone do casual so beautifully!

joninel said... your photo :) stunning!!

K N O C K Y O U F O R S I X said...

So nice to see your outfit posts again, love your masculine way of dressing x


Hayley said...

Your style seems effortless, which is such a beautiful quality.

Emm said...

love the casual look.
A leather hat, who would have thought it could look so cool

lovely navy knit too

p.s- loving the ad for AA in your sidebar =) you lucky thing!


Tayler said...

love this, and i have been seeing your american apparel ads on chictopia :) so pretty <3

VanilahFashion said...

Absolutly love this outfit
Vanilah xx

Nuheila said...

Sweet photo,love your hat too :)


Kate said...

Great look! That photo is awesome! x

Lightning Heart said...

i love it!

Ivanka said...

You look stunning!

Georgia said...

Haha I love the imperfect symmetry.
And nice loose jumper, a great blue
It would be mine

mom & son said...

Hello Gorgeous!
I missed you!
Still, you are beautiful and your
outfit style never fade.
Love, love it!

Initials.CC said...

superbe... Comme d'habitude!


Anonymous said...

love that style! very chic yet comfortable! reminds me of Diane Keaton a bit! hehe

Nana said...

that's an amazing photo<3

Lis-x- said...

Great hose pants look incredibly comfy! Cool photo too!
Off The Wardrobe

MMM said...

this look.. trés chic =)

leeselooks said...

z- LOVE the jumper + the hat.

casual is definitely my middle name.

love the effect w/ the photos! how the heck do you do that?

i've been meaning to take pictures ( even my roommates are forcing me too + are volunteering :)... so hopefully in a bit i can get to posting some again... )

anyways - must catch up soon - sending heaps of love


Amy said...

love the blue against the white x

Francesca said...

love those looks! amazing

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

Barbara said...

Great outfit!! i love the hat too

Barcelonette (c) said...

it looks so comfortable! love it

Kelly said...

Ahhhh Zanita I love this outfit! So brilliant. Perfectly boyish but still chic.

Sequins & Shadows

Friend in Fashion said...

You pull this look off perfectly! Love the kint :)

Be sure to enter my fashion giveaway to win a ModCloth leather jacket

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Props for your photoshopping skills too x

leather lace blog said...

absolutely adore this!

Eilish said...

lovely outfit :)

Liya said...

i love the cream and blue combination... makes me think of the great gatsby for some reason

like a fox said...

cool shot.

visit my blog to hear about my encounter with THE COBRASNAKE.

check out aussie style blog LIKE A FOX at

jess said...

love the buttoned up collar. You're outfits are always amazing, have definitley been getting some inspiration. keep up the lovely work x

adele said...

You look fantastic. Your outfit shots are always such high quality - they look like they're from a magazine.

Mouthwash said...

I love how bright you are against the background. Beautiful!


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