Her Face

Trying to fit in a post before I rush off to see the Nookie show, I've been using Hispstamatic to capture a few of the gorgeous faces behind the scenes at RAFW. Sorry this post is brief, I have buckets of content to post but have no internet at home and have to head to Stylestalker HQ to work. Since my move its now an hour on the bus away...
Also including a picture of my outfit from Day 1 which was featured on Six Wolves Blog.


Mouthwash said...

oh gosh! I just love these girls eyebrows! And your outfit is so much fun! I love the colors.


rachel said...

The girls are amazing!

You moved?? Does this mean no more rooftop shots? Sad!

Natalie said...

i love this outfit so much! and beautiful face shots of the girls :)

Miri said...

I love all the crazy makeup from fashion shows!


jQUii_x said...

gorgeous knit jumper zanita!
effing love it! =)
and the models are so gorgeous.
enjoyiong watching stef bambi rise up and up in the model scene.

love your blog.


Contempo Ingenue said...

love it! so beautiful

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

Kelly said...

Love that outfit! So cute.

Sequins & Shadows

Friend in Fashion said...

Love this!

Luv, Friend in Fashion

le pearl said...

these images are mint! Loise Van Der Vorst, Talulah I think I saw too?

the girls look amazing x

A/C said...

I watched the ANTM Australia and I always love seeing the finalist in a few random pictures on your blog!

I wish we could see more of you, though!

Emmanuelle said...

Cassi looks great! I love the strong eyebrows as well.
And your outfit looks great, the colours suit you very well.

Anonymous said...

some beauts! & i love your outfit. X

Kat said...

Gorgeous girls.
I like the colours in your floral dress, very pretty.

New Zealand style

Erica said...

The girls look amazing!
I saw you in this outfit on the first day and absolutely loved it!
hope you've been enjoying the week!

Vanessa said...

Wow - these photos really capture the energy of what I imagine RAFW would be like behind the scenes.

I love your outfit! I think the layering works really well

xx Vanessa

cla-sib said...

my god, you look so wonderful in that outfit!!

xoxo cla

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...



a hug, from Portugal =)**

Leïla Berney said...

bummed i haven't bumped into you here yet.. so sad it's over so soon! you look gorgeous :) looking forward to seeing more snaps!!

June Paski said...

they're very beautiful, and great outfit, I love ur hat!


dodz said...

hello I added you on my site.. if you don't mind can you add me too in your very wonderful site please! tank you.

add me

Jes said...

Loving those shots!

And that great sweater gorgeous x

Lis-x- said...

The girls eyebrows are gorgeous!Love your outfit too!=)

Great blog! it's so inspiring!

Lis xXx

Off The Wardrobe

Kristine said...

Love these pictures! And your outfit is so cute!

Sofia said...

love everything

revital said...

I love your blog! im so glad I found it!! im now officially following you (:

shoeless simone said...

Your outfit is absolutely amazing!! The sweater layered over the floral dress is so cool, I'll have to try that out

-Shoeless Simone

Juju said...

Love the chunky knit and floral dress combo - reminds me very much of the styling in "The Edge of Love". Very pretty.

Thais said...

You look like a doll!! absolutely gorgeous! and I also loved all your fashion week show photos! they are brilliant! well done!! xoxo

Tessa-Jay said...


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