The Ghost and The Girl

PhotobucketSophia wears; nightgown from Lady Muck
PhotobucketMelise wears; Sally Jones bra, Miss Unkon shorts.
PhotobucketMelise wears; Miss Unkon top, Mrs. Press bodysuit, Darnell Collection swim hat. Sophia wears; Darnell Collection top, Bec and Bridge bodysuit worn underneath, Miss Unkon 'Happiness Is' skirt.
PhotobucketSophia wears Mrs. Press Diana Dress. Melise wears; Morrison dress.
PhotobucketSophia wears; Morrison dress and Sally Jones Bra.
Sophia wears; Darnell Collection top, Bec and Bridge bodysuit worn underneath, Miss Unkon 'Happiness Is' skirt.
PhotobucketL-R) Melise wears; Morrison dress. Sophia wears Gary Bigini knit dress.

Photography: Zanita Whittington
Styling: Rhiannon Bulley
Make-up: Peter Beard
Models: Sophia Dishaw @ Priscillas, Melise Williams @ Chic

It's thanks to Tangent Mag that I was able to gather the resources to put together this shoot. Working in my capacity as a photographer with a team was a first and a real buzz, I can't wait to do it again. I have about a million ideas.
Tangent just released their 3rd issue "BOLD" and its clear the magazine is going from strength to strength. You can check this latest issue on the link - I'm all about very cool and totally free inspiration.

(pics, Tangent Magazine)
I'm still in Los Angeles today but am flying back to Oz tonight. I'm in love with the team at American Apparel, as well as all the clothes - I feel so lucky to be involved with a brand I really believe in. I was also lucky enough to meet the very gorgeous Taghrid. I must admit its pretty weird meeting another blogger you've been following, she's awesome though - I'm really going to miss all the friends I made in LA! I'm going to try and get back again soon, this time arranging a car and plenty of free time to meet some of my favourite LA bloggers.

I purchased an amazing new camera too, a Nikon D700. Time to take things to the next level.

Bye bye LA!


goodbyestockholm said...

Great job, Zanita! And I love the styling.

Emm said...

These are outstanding. I love the 'fairy photos' (whats the technical term for one photo over another? Haha)
and the last one is very mysterious

from spindizzyfall

A/C said...

I really love whatever you did for the blur on those pictures. you would think you were a photoshop master!

Marti P. said...

you are simply amazing! love you more every day <3

mom & son said...

my gawd!
the photos are awesome, darling!
i love it all!
keep up the good job, zanita!

VanilahFashion said...

Absolutly stunning photographs
the colouring is beautiful
Vanilah xx

be.aoi said...

Woow! you are an amazing photographer!

Miss Bias said...

These photographs are very beautiful. I love the Miss Unkon shorts. I did a feature on Tangent Magazine and loved your photo shoot.

Miss Bias

♥Lola said...

That's so exciting! Can't wait to see what you've been doing with AA :) Love your new photos, the miss unkon shorts shot is gorgeous!

joninel said...

love those pics!!!...

Kelly said...

Stunning photos, Zanita! I love the watercolor look on them, so beautiful.

Sequins & Shadows

revital said...

oh wow! those are some really great photos! loved it!

Dominga Bijouterie said...

Just lovely

mimi sioux said...

good work!
shame i dont share your passion for

Eilish said...

Incredible photoes.

like a fox said...

beautiful shots.

visit my blog to hear about my encounter with THE COBRASNAKE.

check out aussie style blog LIKE A FOX at

Anonymous said...

i was flipping throught shop til you drop and i saw the beauty page and i was wondering if that was you!
cos she looks alot like u!

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

FUCK Zanita these are incredible. You're just going from strength to strength!

heleen said...

Oh Zanita! What an utterly AMAZING shoot! These pictures reminds me a bit of what David Hamilton did, the same dreaminess and muted colours and serenity and ah...

pepperandbaxter said...

Just stunning! Congratulations on being recognised as a professional photographer that is so amazing!!!

shoeless simone said...

These are my favorite pictures you've taken by far, so magical

-Shoeless Simone

Liya said...

Zanita, wonderful photos as usual! Congrats

Kent Johnson said...

Lovely shoot Zanita. Congratulations to all the team.

Fuji Files said...

Stunning. Your photos are looking quite professional Zanita! I can't wait to see what you do with your new camera.

xx FujiFiles

rachel said...

Beautiful photos! Glad you enjoyed your time in LA too.

Julian said...

Hey it's Julian, you were an amazing person to meet and I'm glad you let LA be your home, if only for a bit.

You're a pro!

April Rose said...

Beautiful Pics Zanita! I have been following your blog for a while as i'm from WA too :) its exciting when you stumble across local bloggers!

April Rose

maureen- said...

amazing picture's !

La Clare said...

These just took my breath away...the duskiness of the pinks and long dark hair, and the whimsy of the styling. Beautiful.

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Original Sophie said...

Amazing! Xx

Maria@chicisimo said...

Wow! You did a great job! I didn´t know that you were such a good photographer :D

dodz said...

super gorgeous ghost so cool.

Clara said...

amazing pics!

Sarah said...

Your photography skills just keep getting better! these are incredible xx

Raez said...

oh my god girl! these are absolutely stunning:) You truly are magic in front of and behind the lens!

xx raez

Thais said...

How beautiful! well done Zanita! and I love that u worked with Rhiannon, she is a sweetheart!x

Mystery Bruises said...

what beautiful photography
i love your blog to bits
keep up the good stuff


inge luciana said...

it's a very very amazing photoshop!! very cool techniques..
adore you so much.. ^^


Constance said...

Wow, stunning!!
Is the effect on the first set done through photoshop? they are really beautiful!

maja miusow said...

lovely delicate session, great job!

Anonymous said...

Loving you in Tangent Magazine ;)

Nimfore said...

Simply stunning....Vogue needs to hire you!!!

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