Debut D700

Dress. Stylestalker. Cap, Army Surplus
Bodysuit, American Apparel
Cardigan, Storets. Bodysuit, American Apparel. Hat, Urban Outfitters.
Top, Storets. Jeans, Kmart. Belt, Diesel.
Dress and Socks, American Apparel
Shirt and Pants, American Apparel
Trench, Army Surplus
My test with Emily Theyers of Priscillas, what a beauty! Her look reminds me a little of Darryl Hannah.
First time using my new Nikon D700 and its love - can ya'll tell the difference?

Photography and Styling, Moi
Make-up, Peter Beard
Model: Emily Theyers @ Priscillas


Anonymous said...

so true! a brunette Daryl! lovely shoots! adore that great shirt, love all Grey things! seems like a super camera! looking forward to more wonderful images!

joninel said...

wonderful photos!!

Liz said...

i LOVE your pictures (and blog). Love how you make a pic with good ol' clothes hanger-dryer thing on our backyard looks good.. it made me want to take pic outside with my one in my backyard! and the model is so gorgeus as well.

liz said...

really really gorgeous pictures!

Alicia said...

girl have khaki shirt with out national czech flag :D

Leanne said...

As if your photos before needed to get any better! These are seriously amazing!

Bambi said...

so beautiful photos! you're really very talented.

Faridah said...

Wonderful! So dreamy and the model is gorgeous. You're so talented Zanita, what an inspiration! Loving the new camera. What lens are you using with it?

bravegrrl said...

these are amazing!

Bijou's Style said...

love it! these photos are beautiful


Anonymous said...

stunning photography zanita! xxx

Grace said...

Favorite model post yet! I love the new setting, and the model is fab. There's so much variation, and I enjoy the army/tomboy style in contrast with the flowers. Beautiful photos!


Amazing shots Zanita, straight out of an editorial. Are you just shooting with natural light at the moment? It's working wonders if you are!

Hope you enjoy your new camera, looking forward to seeing more shoots! x

rachel said...

So many different options in your new backyard! Much more to work with than just up on your rooftop. Love all of these - especially the ones with the hills hoist.

goodbyestockholm said...

the photo where the model wears green pants is my absolute fave!

leeselooks said...

l-o-v-e- love love these shots.

seriously Z, when is vogue + russh going to snap up your pics.

i would be soooooo honored to be snapped by you, if even for one shot
your talent is so inspiring, but what's even more great is that it's true + genuine.

ah you're so beautiful girl

oh and i need all these clothes from the shoot- i'm in love with that stylestalker dress. seriously incredible.

hope you're having a stunning weekend


RepublicOfChic said...

Gorgeous! You have quite the eye!

PS. Much admiration all the way from India :)

Sundari said...

These look great. You seem really happy with your new camera. I also love those quirky green trousers. How cool!

Kristina said...

Ok, NOW I'm jealous. I'm still saving for my D700. I'm using D300 at the moment, but y' ain't full frame...boohoo :(

Liya said...

amazing Zanita! good to have you back

Barbara said...

So so great! the quality is awesome!

Amber Whitecliffe and Hilary Johnston said...

YAY she's a New Zealander! go Emily!!!

Joyce said...

I love it! the camera looks fun, plus these are such great test shots with awesome styling. Good job! =)
Endless Nights

shoeless simone said...

Gorgeous as usual, the model is beautiful!

-Shoeless Simone

Vanessa said...

Wow! Beautiful photos - they are so clear and crisp. Amazing camera - great choice!

xx Vanessa

karolina from "detras del arcoíris" said...

Lovely photos...I love them!!!

Sunglasses said...

You are so beautiful :)

Mallory Elizabeth said...

The shot with the sun, the flowers, and bun -- GORGEOUS

Jodie said...

you are EXTREMELY talented =)love your work.

Elen King said...

woohoo she is so fucking beautiful. absolutely gorgeous!

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