Test Time

Issabelle @ TheAgency - So stunning, like a baby Helena Christensen. This was shot the same afternoon as Stacie Todd.

I'm moving out to the burbs this weekend, which means no more rooftop! But plenty more diversity in my locations, we have a hills hoist - which means sheets for backdrops. Awesome.

I hate packing so much.


Shirley said...

i really love your photography <3

*sunday* said...

love love love the second, third and the last shots!!! she is such a sexy girl..

good luck with packing.. at least you will have a chance to chuck all the old junk :)

I'm a mean street kid. said...

aww no more rooftop! good luck with your packing. i really like your photographs and how you style the models. it kind of reminds me of calvin klein shoots but more natural and sunny.

Fashion Tidbits said...

good luck with the move!

Unknown said...

Zanita these photos are truly gorgeous. I love your outfit posts but you're getting so good at this photography, bonus really!

xx FujiFiles

Eilish said...

Stunning pictures..

& gorgeous model.


leflassh. said...

beautiful shots as always.
great model.
good luck with the packing!!

ediot said...

good luck packing. seriously i find packing so much fun! i love it. either its for an vacation or for moving..
great photos. i love these- so very pretty-and i adore the clothing being used too.-

have an great week

xx ediot

Karoline said...

Lovely pictures!

You are a really great photographer!

leeselooks said...


miss you,

love that second shot. definitely baby helena.
so gorgeous.

happy packing! must chat sooooon
goodluck with the move.


Anonymous said...

she is truly beautiful.

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

I'm just constantly impressed by your photography! What lenses are you shooting with? xo

Unknown said...

I'll miss the famous rooftop!

She looks so stunning. Like what a natural beauty! She should be in my magazines immediately.

anouk said...

jesus, i love the last picture so much!!!
do you remember where the apple dress is from?


Marie a la Mode said...

These pictures are amazing! You really are a wonderful photographer, my God!

dodz said...

nice face i like your beauty

LaurenSchoon said...

Wow, she looks stunning! You really are an amazing photographer!

Raver Ria said...

Great shots!
I dig the 4th and last one... the lighting is just beautiful! Your photos make me miss sunny Sydney.

flickity_split said...

She is stunning!
And one good thing about packing is all the goodies you re-discover!
have fun

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photog x

prince said...


Other blog's Prince ronel and iamronel

Vanessa said...

New Locations! Yay - creative opportunities.

Good luck with your move, & congrats for your future trip to LA!!! Your photography and vision is amazing, & its great to know you are being acknowledged and appreciated for it.

xx Vanessa

C said...

They look great, again. I love the 4th and last one. Now some more selfportraits! :)
where are you moving to? whats the burbs?

Gambia was great btw !

Black Widow said...

lovely pics!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

beautiful girl, beautiful photographs!
why the move???

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, her skin looks so perfect! Ohh good luck with moving. It is a pain, but exciting at the same time! Xx

Move said...

shes very gergeous, I love the second photos, you take a beautiful angle of her!


shoeless simone said...

I think you are the most talented blogger in terms of photography! These are so amazing

-Shoeless Simone

heleen said...

I love how sun-drenched these pictures are :)

Niveeik said...


stylestalker said...

this girl is amazing! she looks like cheyenne tozzi. i want ot use her for our next lookbook! so cool that you get to test out all these girls - its like your our personal casting director haha

Niveeik said...

They're like a cool, lovely breeze on a warm summer day!

Georgia said...

she's beautiful, i particularly love the fourth photo! x

Original Sophie said...

You are so so talented! I love all of these shots, especially the apple print dress one. Moving really is the worst, good luck with it all!

Sophie x

Yve said...

She's gorgeous, great shots!


♥ oi! said...

wooowwwwwwwww.. beautiful shots!

Celine said...

I just moved house too, it's a killer!

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