Stacie Todd

Another test, this time with the lovely Stacie Todd from Scene. Will post the outfit references tomorrow, most of its just my own clothes, featured on here before.
Hopefully tomorrow will bring me some time to do an outfit post.
Love all the feedback I've been receiving from my recent photo shoots, it really drives me to improve and progress. Some of it is a little experimental but I guess things are a bit hit and miss when you start out. Might fix up that one with the orange feet...

Model: Stacie @ TheAgency
Photography, Styling and Hair (!): Me

Edit: Ok, I'll leave the orange - thankyou!

Pic 1
dress, Vintage
Pic 2
bodysuit, American Apparel
pants, Cheap Monday
Pic 3, 9
dress, Stylestalker
Pic 4, 5, 6
top, Metalicus
tights, American Apparel
sunglasses, vintage
Pic 7
top, American Apparel
shorts, vintage
Pic 8
dress, Vintage
heels, Irregular Choice


Fashion Tidbits said...

nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! that's my fave pic. don't fix it! :) totally cool shades. i so want my portrait picture taken by you zanita!!! gorgeous pics, darl!

Emilie said...


Alice D. Millionaire said...

that one's my fave, too. no need for fixing.
this is my ab favorite set so far.. they've all been great, but this is just incredible. and that denim cutout dress is insane!

alice d.



Unknown said...

2nd and 3rd last are just so gorgeous. Ugh, theyre just so beautiful. I have always wished to look that stunning.

Sascha said...

looooove this shoot sooo much, i agree don't fix!! awesome tones, love your photography, its magic :)

Liz said...

beautiful pictures! stacie's so gorgeous, and her body/abs is wow, wow *jealous* love your blog zanita


Vonny said...

wow....amazing pics...

Anonymous said...

just amazing those images! love the pure sunshine on them! wanna go blond now again, hehe! ;)

Anika said...

What an absolutely stunning girl.

I love this set of snaps....its so perfect.

And who did her hair? I die!

Anonymous said...


Where is the lovely sky top from ?

Treva said...

stunning shots.

Amber said...

Love the look!
x amber

Anonymous said...

why are you shooting others instead of yourself now!? the clothes are getting repetitive and less creative....disappointed

Madeline Veenstra said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the first one :)

*sunday* said...

beautiful...looks like you shot this in the middle of the day when the sun was still quite high up.. if thats the case - you pulled it off!! said...

Beautiful pictures.

dodz said...

ow... so sexy i like your slim body nice look

Kate said...

you look stunning!


Unknown said...

beauitful style my dear!

great blog


Claire said...

Such great pictures! Love them all!

Frances Davison said...

when I have her body, I'll be satisfied with life... haha. never.

amazing work, zanita!

Je suis style said...

i love your pictures and love your blog!

please check out my blog too and follow if you can! i am going to feature you in my next blog!!!


keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

I really think the first picture of this post iss adoreable! It is so beautiful! I l-o-v-e it!

Keep up the good work!

I know it takes time etc, but its always good to watch your posts!

When do we get to see you style+photograph yourself?

Good luck!

Sabo Skirt said...

amazing shots, very inspiring =)

we have officially started our fashion blog, we hope you love it. xx

Sabo Skirt said...

wow, amazzinggg shots!

very inspiring.. =)

we have officially started our fashion blog, hope you love it!

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