Self Portraits 10

It was my birthday on Monday and my boyfriends gift to me was this incredible classic style Country Road coat. You can't really get the full elegance of the piece from these portraits, its a long coat, wears to mid-thigh. No doubt you'll all be sick of it on this blog by the end of the pending Australian winter.
I'm going for quite a sophisticated, feminine look for these images, I'm wearing some jewellery given to me by my beautiful Nanna.
In other news it looks like I might be testing some boys in the near future.
That's right ladies.

Model, Julian Tobias @ Priscillas
Photography and Styling, Me

coat, Country Road


Fipe said...

love your self-portraits so beautiful

leflassh. said...

beautiful! and happy birthday lady!
+ that dude is also quite beautiful haha.

INK Magazine said...

Zanita you are too much! we are going to see your photos in Vogue soon!! remember, INK still would love to feature your work! I'll send you an email with the new issue link ASAP!!

Song of Style said...

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!
and love all of ur self-portraits and photography!

joninel said...

always love your beutiful...awesome!!

pilcuis said...

are you a model?? you are so beautiful

caylee said...

i can't wait to see the entire coat; it already looks incredible here and the pics of you are breathtaking.

and hellllooooo hot boy!

Isabelle said...


Lenne said...

I haven't visited your blog for a month at most and I'm already overwhelmed by quality of the new photos! They're absolutely stunning and I believe your photography is improving. ♥

Laura said...

Hi! I love ur blog. Your photos are incredible and very beautiful. I love it! Your blog is in my list of interesting blogs. My blog is Please, visit me!

Happy Birthday!!


Kate said...

Oh my goodness! By far your best self portraits ever! I love the composition of the shots, it works so well.

And I full support the featuring of male models! Hah.

DIYANAH said...


p/s happy birthday Zanita :)

mom & son said...

Darling Zanita, every time I visit your blog
I ran out of words to say about you.
You are very beautiful and all your photos are
exceptional. Darling, you are a talented person. Keep it up.

Oh Happy Birthday!
Wish you more candles to blow and
cakes to slice.

Treva said...
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ToniH said...


Jes said...

Can't wait to see your images on glorious papers of russh and vogue miss. You definitely on your way. Your work just keeps getting better and better.

Boyfriend has great taste too. Coat looks lovely from what you can see of it xx

Marie Z. said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm talking about the dude, too ; ) Lucky girl!

leeselooks said...


i hope you had a splendid birthday.
you deserve it my lady.

and wow, evan did an amazing job with that coat- can't wait to see a full length. very calvin + celine.

and Y E S - for testing men... ( :


Clara said...

lovely pics <3

Emilie said...


Ruth said...

I love how the images are all sewn together, like an old vintage film reel
So lovely, and almost nostalgic!

Maria C said...

Beautiful shots Z!

Tine said...

all you're photo's are amazing, but i'm such a fan of the self-portraits!
Big fan here.

nattjane'n'aligee said...

you are darlinggg.
so loverlyy

stop. go

Petra said...

Oh goodness I just bought the same coat (as I work there), isn't it just HEAVEN!? SO stunning. I cannot wait to see how you wear it.

June Paski said...

zanita you look so stunning!, I love the lighting on ur photos, very natural,and Happy Birthday!


Fashion Tidbits said...

woah wooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i totally second that! more boys! :P

happy belated birthday zanita!! hope you had a good one! :)

♥Lola said...

Happy birthday!! Love these shots :)

Elyse said...

Absolutely stunning pictures.
Happy birthday!!

Blueninja said...

looooove you work!!!! ur my fave blog xxxx

gih said...

Perfect shot. I like your gorgeous look.

Joyce said...

gorgeous self portraits & photography =)

LoveMore said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR MONDAY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! These shots of you are breathtaking..seriously stunning.

And hello Male Tests :) I like this.


Jorgia said...

You are a godsend. Haha. Amazing lady, you're amazing.

Jenny said...

I work at CR and have not seen anybody look so lovely in one of our coats...great photos x

Tijana said...

Amazing! x

Janina said...

I really love your pictures. You look a lot like Blake Lively. Your pictures always inspire me to try new looks.

Kaitherine said...

your photos are so beautiful,
I like your post, it's nice!
thanks for your sweet comment:):)
I am so happy, it's so good to know you.

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