Sarah Elizabeth


Here's the very beautiful Sarah Elizabeth, who suited my references for styling so well -  how great is her haircut? It's such a pleasure to work with a girl who knows how to move, possesses such a regal air and at the same time has such a sweet personality. It all really shines through in these images.
I spent the whole weekend looking through my lens and have firmly decided its time for me to upgrade to a better camera. Right now I'm using the D60, which is good, but my eye for detail becomes finer each time I do a shoot and the quality just isn't where I want it to be.
I'm enjoying fashion photography so much but I do want to continue with my modelling career - its getting trickier to juggle being a blogger, photographer and model all in one but of course I feel so lucky for all these opportunities. Saturday I had the pleasure of driving a whole team to shoot at the beach, a stylist, make-up artist and two models - can't wait to show you all the results!

Model: Sarah Elizabeth @ Priscillas
Photography and Styling: Me!

Pic 1:
vest, belt, pants - all vintage
heels, Irregular Choice
shirt, American Apparel Summer Tee
socks, Models own

Pic 2:
shirt, Models own
bowtie, vintage

Pic 3, 8, 9:
shirt, Christopher Kane for Topshop
trousers, American Apparel

Pic 4, 10, 11:
linen shirt, vintage
tie, borrowed from bf
coat, Country Road

Pic 5:
blazer, Toi Et Moi
shirt, Models own
short, Kate Hurst for Sportsgirl

Pic 6:
hat, vintage
trousers, Toi Et Moi
vest, Models own

Pic 7:
shirt, Models own
bowtie, vintage
suede skirt, Urban Outfitters


annabelle said...

Zanita! If your looking to upgrade your DSLR, look no further than the Nikon 300s.
Although it may be a little exxyy, it will be worth every penny. :)

Zanita said...

thanks annabelle!

June Paski said...

yes, Im agree with annabelle, you should choose Nikon D300, my friends use that camera, you can see the result on my post "DIY menswear part 1 and 2"

btw, I love all the photos and outfits , I love men dressing!


mom & son said...

She's beautiful, Zanita!
I love her hairstyle.

cleo said...

zanita these looks soo great!!!i love every combination...and the pictures are gorgeous

Vanessa said...

wow, Sarah looks so beautiful & unique. She resembles a very graceful bird.

Your photography is superb, I can't wait to see your results from the beach shoot. It is excellent that you are getting so many opportunities! Good luck with your future projects and camera search.

x Vanessa

kayang said...

I love her face so much.

BunnyBlack said...

I love Sarah's hair cut- so naive and young looking yet sexy at the same time

UMNO magazine said...

Hey! Like you blog.

Maybe you're interested in our magazine.


Anonymous said...

I love hair.

Mattie said...

Wow she's incredible looking! I really love the direction you're taking this blog, it really gives an awesome insight into your cool life ;) I was wondering how you got into the photography thing with your agency? Thanks! Much love! XXX

Marcella said...

I think upgrading to full frame will be the ultimate icing on the cake for your already out-of-this-world photos! The D700 would be perfect, and it'll open up more wider angles for you :)

Liya said...

I love the B&W shots! The model is gorgeous.. A fresh face almost non-conventional...

You should consider Nikon D300s def... or D3x if you have the extra cash.. Try Discount Digital (DD photographics).. stuff there is so much cheaper!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Your photographs are such a delight to look at! Sarah looks so beautiful and unique! She looks intellectual and otherworldly! I can't wait to see your beach photoshoot! xoxoxoxoxoo

Rachel said...

totally unrelated to this post, even though these photos are amazing

Did you do modelling for Ruby in NZ? with blue hair? I just saw some pictures and i was like wow its zanita..

they look great btw

Anonymous said...

You're getting better and better, can't wait to see what you could do with another camera!
The first photo is stunning. This girl is truly amazing! What a great look. You capture something different with every girl you photograph, and yet we can still feel your personnal style...
Keep up the good work!

Fashion Tidbits said...

kor!!!you're photos are outstanding zanita! can't wait for those beach pics, you know how much i love the sand&sea

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Oh my god I love her look SO MUCH. She's divine.

Anonymous said...

You ctinue to amaze me with your talent Zanita! These photos are absolutely stunning. I love the masculinity of the outfits!

Celine said...

Wow these shots are really superb! You have a nak for editing too... it's hard to really see the less obvious, unposed shots. Really impressed :)

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