Marvelous Mia


Testing Mia from Priscillas - such perfect skin and incredible pout! And we decided to experiment with some mossy hair. I kinda love it. Anticipate my blonde locks with some grassy hues in the near future.

Also - Heres a link to my recent interview with the lovely Marian Kihogo, which includes a pic inside my wardrobe and a mood board I created.

And finally, its always such an honour when a creative talent chooses to draw an illustration of me - heres a link to Marias work - she has recreated my Self Portrait 9. Check it out!

plaid shirt, COS
denim shorts, customised by me - bleach and studs
grey felt hat, Urban Outfitters
smock dress, Elsom
striped jumper, American Apparel
grey socks, American Apparel
boots, Doc Martens
plaid scarf, Country Road
mens jeans, Kmart
leather belt, Diesel

Everything else, Models own

Model, Mia @ Priscillas
Photography and Styling, Me


mom & son said...

Wow, it's nice to see different beauties
you featured on your blog.
My dear Zanita, you're a very good photographer.
Keep it up, sweetie!

Dylana Suarez said...

WOW! These shots are amazing! You have a bright future ahead of you as a photographer!

Tayler said...

so gorgeous! i LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY so talented. i need to get myself a good camera. I would totally love to do this kinda thing in my free time.
do you have a side job from being a model? just wondering :)

nattjane'n'aligee said...

the green in the hair just perfects this.
your photography is quite inspiring zanita .


Laura Gerencser said...

awesome pics!!!

Vinda Sonata said...

wow, she really has an incredible pout. great, inspiring pictures as always!!

fashion atelier.

Emm said...

the two last pictures are my favourite.
She is my favourite model in your photos so far.

Very well done Zanita.

Visit me sometime at


Emm said...

are you serious! yeah i'd love to. (i'm not very tall, if that matters)
my email is


Robyn said...

I like those shorts. Did you bleach them or just stud them already bleached?


Liya said...

she is beautiful but in a different kind of way... there is crazy angelina-joliesque sensuality about her..


p.s. that hair colouring thing is really taking off..


Having blonde and green hair never looked so good.

Amazing photos, I really like the one of her walking towards the camera with the hat and Docs, in particular.


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

gorgeous photos!!! she is beautiful and you are very talented! I have a pair of shorts similar with the black spike/studs ;) xoxo

Jes said...

Amazing! The shot with the can of drink is my favourite, though it's very hard to decided. They are all wonderful

Reginasaurus said...

I'm so impressed that you are both an amazing model and an amazing photographer. Those images are all lovely. xo

Anonymous said...

Beeeeeautiful photos Zanita! She's got such an innocent yet sultry look about her. Stunning!

twocoathangers Vintage Store HERE

silk+honey said...

LOVE THE HAIR!!! she is gorgeous too ..great job :)

leeselooks said...

O H beauty! that second shot is amazing.

can't wait to see the green hair ; ) perfect for the birthday celebrations + H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y gorgeous!!!

you're such an inspiration girl !


Mouthwash said...

I love the green!
Beautiful shots as well!


Studded Hearts said...

absolutely beautiful..
left me speechless.

duckalicious said...

what a gem!

Dusk said...

Your love of the 90s supers is evident in your photo styling... that 4th shot is amazing!!
Mia is absolutely gorgeous but my goodness, you are so very talented.
Your use of light is brilliant and you are obviously a very good director, your pictorials are right up there with the best.

joninel said...

awesome photos!!!...really love it!!

U-NI-TY said...

She's really pretty!

courtney and brigitte said...

the hair is amazing, you are so talented, i love your photos :)

x courtney

Emilie said...

You're a great photographer!

Clara said...

amazing pics!!

rouli said...

cool post!!

loved the first pic!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if u follow Refinery29, or have been notified of it, but they used one of your pictures (the same American Apparel used in their booklet, too):

cla-sib said...

wonderful photos, love them all!

xoxo cla

Victoire said...

I cannot express how much i love your photography. you're simply amazing. I'm planning to start an online magazine soon, and was wondering if you'd like to submit some photos? :)


ToniH said...

love the shorts!!

Jess. said...

woow. I love these! I think the first one is my favorite! That green tinted hair! So cool.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous styling... very kate moss in the early 90s... im glad grunge is making a comeback, it looks so much better the second time around!



June Paski said...

you're very good photographer, I really love all the photoshoot, you take a best angle from mia!

ps would you like to exchange link ?


Anonymous said...

Fucking Amazing!

Kate said...

These are stunning! I'd love to see some test shots from other locations - I think you could do wonders with the ocean or a busy city street. Or some night shoots?

gih said...

That's so cool! She's really amazing.

Lucy Laucht said...

Love the mossy hair!
Lucy Laucht: Daily style & inspiration

Fashion Tidbits said...

oooooh so gorgeous!!! can't believe green hair looks this good

Juliet said...

The hair is so gorgeous!

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

aaaawesome she is soo gorgeous!! the grassy shade in her hair is fab too, wouldn't have thought of that myself.. In fact it'd be a bit too extreme for me, but I love it on her! Those shorts are amaaazing!!

Love your photography as always, you should get hired to some fashion magazine!


Elisabeth Isabelle said...

You are beautiful!

June Paski said...

thank you zanita, I already added you on links post :)

lea said...

at the second photo she´s got a view, like (a bit) coco rocha, one of my favorite models in anyway,
good photos, again and again

Miss Fun N Fashion said...

WOW! i love your style!
i liked the first Pants!
the shots are amazing!

Cindy said...

wow. these are gorgeous. i want you to take my picture!
i adore the first shot especially. this girl reminds me a bit of elettra rossellini wiedemann.

MISS BANG said...

hehehe, im shooting mia next week ^.^

terren said...

So so beautiful! I want to do this to my hair too :)

Anonymous said...

the first picture reminds me of tallulah morton for oyster, lovely tinted hair and all

Franco Fernandez said...

you have an amazing talent. these pictures are beautiful and cool. Franco xx

'Lee said...

I love this photography!
her hair is amazing.

Theory of a fashion victim

renee anne said...

these would have to be some of my most favourite shots by you ever.

and mia is beautiful.

gih said...

She is so gorgeous. I like her style of outfit.

wekilledCOUTURE. said...

ahhh i would try and get signed by priscillas if it meant that i could be photographed by you!
if your ever in brisbane.. i would love to work with you.

Madeleine Louise

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