Marvelous Mia


Testing Mia from Priscillas - such perfect skin and incredible pout! And we decided to experiment with some mossy hair. I kinda love it. Anticipate my blonde locks with some grassy hues in the near future.

Also - Heres a link to my recent interview with the lovely Marian Kihogo, which includes a pic inside my wardrobe and a mood board I created.

And finally, its always such an honour when a creative talent chooses to draw an illustration of me - heres a link to Marias work - she has recreated my Self Portrait 9. Check it out!

plaid shirt, COS
denim shorts, customised by me - bleach and studs
grey felt hat, Urban Outfitters
smock dress, Elsom
striped jumper, American Apparel
grey socks, American Apparel
boots, Doc Martens
plaid scarf, Country Road
mens jeans, Kmart
leather belt, Diesel

Everything else, Models own

Model, Mia @ Priscillas
Photography and Styling, Me


Testing Chelsea


Heres some of my shots from yesterday's test with Chelsea in my new secret location. Very cool girl, love her street chic style and incredible hair.

sequin leggings, Elsom
sequin shoes, Palm Beach Shoes
boots, Doc Martens
patent loafers, Mollini
plaid tee, American Apparel
knit cardigan, Zara
white heels, ASOS

Everything else, Models own or vintage.

Model: Chelsea @ Priscillas
Photography and Styling: Me


Pastel Fun

Usually when I'm home alone I'll dress for comfort and colour. These plaid leggings are my new lounging around favourites because they are so light to wear and the beautiful pastel hues make me smile. I've been trying to find a way to style them with some pieces in my wardrobe and they really push the limits of my creativity. The Ellery scarf, sent to me from the lovely ladies at Sportsgirl, was another trial because I wanted to come up with a unique way to wear it. Basically I've just knotted two corners closely at the front, tie them together and the rest is tucked back over my head and tyed. Looks a bit cutesy meets 'jenny from the block' but thats all just fun. The cardigan I'll be styling again - sent to me from Queens Wardrobe. I want everything on this website! Especially these shoes below, which don't come in my size because I have big feet.

shoulder pad sequin shirt, staple
Olsen cardigan, Queens Wardrobe
baby thermal plaid legging, American Apparel
shoes, Converse
scarf, Ellery for Sportsgirl (whole range coming soon!!)


Miami Disco

Everytime I ever get a spray tan it never fails to shock me how different it makes me look and feel. Despite it being a beautiful summer here in Sydney I've never been one to make time for sun tanning. I feel a bit absurd. The only time I ever get a spray tan is if a client requests I get one.  It's against the rules to wear silver with gold right? Barbie could totally get away with it... especially if she has spangly guitar.

And yes I know my fly is undone in one of these shots, it happens. :)

jacket, Toi Et Moi (check out their new blog!)
shirt, American Apparel
shoes, Palm Beach Shoes
necklace, some shop at the airport...
babyboot jeans, Hudson Jeans


Light Work

I've been receiving plenty of questions lately about my photography and while I'm a little hesitant to give away all my secrets, I've thought of a few basic points about lighting to share which could help anyone just starting out with photography. I've only just begun the hobby but I've had years of experience in front of the lens and I've been a sponge for knowledge particularly when working with some of Australia's finest. To me the most important thing is lighting - and the only kind of light that I use (or know how to use) is natural. Working with natural light you need to understand the way light is filtered and reflected by surroundings. Light coloured surfaces reflect alot of light, so a white wall is great for reflecting soft light back onto a face. When shooting a model in a room, work with light thats filtering through a window and just practice maneuvering the model until you find the spot where light is most flattering. In the above shot I was just shooting a test with afternoon light filtering through my lounge room window while waiting for my hair to dry (this was the day I put in the coloured tints!). Windows are great for filtered light because they beautiful shadow the darker background.  When taking pictures outside on a sunny day don't ever try to work with overhead sun because it creates awful shadows on the face. In Australia the best times of day for shooting outside are sunrise and sunset, when light is direct to the face. Overcast days I love because the light is filtered by clouds all day, which reduces contrast and gives you a longer window to take pictures. The best way to discover locations with nice lighting is by trial and error - its quite easy to pick up once you begin to really use your brain and keep practicing. Great pictures can even be captured just using a point-and-shoot provided you don't use the flash (very unflattering!!!) and make the most of natural light and times of day.
In the below post, the vignette can be achieved by obscuring the edges of the lens with sheer fabric. I used the same silk scarf used to make the turban in the Susie Reid post. I just discovered this little trick through experimentation. I had seen photographers at various photoshoots I've done obscure the lens with things such as strings of sequins, crystals or even leaves.
Hope this helps some of you. All the details about my equipment are in my profile to the left.


One Hour

Working with one of my close friends Brittany was such a thrill. We only had a small window of time, about an hour, to take some photos and you can see why these are some of my new favourites. Working with an experienced model is great because the photographer/model dynamic is quick to develop and is clearly illustrated in the cohension between theme/location/moods. I'm the kind of photographer that likes to give alot of direction, knowing the perspective of the model inside-out, so its integral for a model to understand instruction and interpret to suit their own strengths and weaknesses.  Confidence and communication between both sides is very important.  Brittany is so beautiful, she has incredible skin, an elegant, feminine figure - and a wonderful apartment to shoot in!!!

Photography and Styling: ME!
Model: Brittany @ Priscillas


So Young

Haven't had time this past week for blogging so heres a few old photos featuring some of my favourite farm-work inspired outfits. Uber red and yellow or orange low rise gumboots, blue jumper with pink bird, sassy overalls paired with chic elbow-patch jumper.
Thanks to Mum who scanned and emailed me these on a whim. My sister is the one sitting in the puddle, so cute. My Dad is in the photo at the shearing shed - that's some hard work.

All clothing, Hand-me-downs.

Brooke Wows

I really love Brooke, she's so fresh, with her sparkling personality and boundless energy - every direction I gave she took and made her own, which is the trait of a great model. She's really only just begun working in the industry and I feel like she's really going to gain momentum - and what a body! Phoar!
Check out our interview for Tangent HERE

blue jumpsuit, Vintage - Models own
black swimsuit, Models own
silver jacket, American Apparel
sheer black dress, Staple
diamond grid shirt, American Apparel
floral lace bra, American Apparel
Inamorata necklace, MyNameNecklace
vintage cut-offs, Models own
denim vest, Models own
shirt dress, Christopher Kane for Topshop 

Model, Brooke Vardi @ Priscillas
Photography, Me!
Styling, Me and Brooke



Remember my promise to bring a shoot with another blogger? My friend Olivia, represented by Chic, is  now the keen eye behind the blog ACME REPLAY. We originally had big plans for our shoot together but the bad weather put our original idea out the window and we were left snapping pictures indoors - and on my rooftop. I still love the results, Olivia has an uncommon beauty.
You can see the rest of the test at Olivia's blog - with all the styling by Olivia herself and photographs by me. Hope you enjoy!
Also now up - my collaboration with Bel from Love More and Stylestalker!
Click Here