So thrilled to post this!! Click the pic for my first full interview - love to know your thoughts.


mom & son said...

I love the interview, gorgeous!
You're really a good inspiration...
a complete package...a model, photographer and interviewer.

Btw, your friend is gorgeous!

Tayler said...

stunning, she seems like amazing girl and your photography really captures that


rachel kathleen said...

Nicely written! I'm sure Katie was flattered by your kind words - they're so true.

Isabelle said...

great articles and great pictures!!

June Paski said...

I love the interview, and ur photos are amazing!


leeselooks said...


ok - you are a star!!!!!!!!!

this is amazing and i am SO proud. seriously.

you are so beautiful - inside and out and i am blessed to have met you.

ahhh when are you coming to nyc ????!?!?!?!?!?
we need to set a date!

oh and i loved what you said about the - health epidemic in the industry - i just got back from the vogue and cfda health initiative w/ dvf and anna wintour has leads, and an amazing discussion board of casting directions, models and designers ( zac posen)... it was incredible to hear what they had to saw and that the main issue was girls age!!!! they find it sickening that 14-15 yr olds are walking coming to castings, etc... it was really captivating all they had to say !

ok this is a novel - i am going to e-mail you later! wanted to ask you a few questions too - i have no idea how to work mr G 11

amazing again zanita!


Behind The Seams said...

pretty pics along with a great interview!!

Mouthwash said...

absolutely beautiful. I loved reading it! You are so very mature for your age. Well done and congrats on the wonderful interview!!


mirattes said...

It's such a great interview! Congrats you girl. Amazing work with camera :)

zoee said...

Great interview & gorgeous pictures!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

she is gorgeous, as are you ;) xoxo

dagna. said...

Zanita you are a reneissance women indeed.
I liked the pictures a lot and was so thrilled by them that I decided to show them to my friends and post on my blog < all links , sources etc included> I hope You don`t mind,
I select only the bests! ;)

cla-sib said...

a gorgeous interview with amazing photos...!!

xoxo cla

Roxana said...

you're quite the awesome photographer, girl! maybe because you're a model yourself and you know "inside info", but it's obvious you've got a huge amount of talent! keep up the good work, i love reading your post every day and marvel in the beauty of your pictures!

mychameleon said...

Gorgeous shots - Katie has that Cindy Crawford appeal - natural beauty.

Lenne said...

Love the photos (:
I saw you on Chictopia and now I'm turning into a fan! Haha.

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