Dream Sequence

I get such a buzz from beautiful light these days. Light filtering through a window is always a winner because you see a beautiful contrast from the darkness in the room. Perfect for beauty shots.
As you can gather from these images I've tried to do a strange cloudy effect to disguise the bathroom wall and I haven't really mastered it. I spent so much time on the attempt it seems a shame not to share what was left over anyway. Even now I'm looking at it I can see so many areas which could have been smoothed over but I'm feeling lazy... and I've had no training using digital editing so this is all an exploration for me. In summary the first two images I really like but the bottom two I'm thinking are a bit so-so to my standards, and I probably should have left the bathroom wall well alone. I'll let you all make the comparisons anyway. My first self-portrait was in the same location.

Diamond grid bodysuit, American Apparel
Skeleton singlet, Stylestalker
skort/culottes, Peel


Emilie said...


Stompface said...

Oh you must be confused,
I think your strange cloudy effect is filled with much magic and beauty! Like I'm seriously in love with the dreamy effect of these. So beautiful.

Ginger it is! I likey.

And the wine times would be good times! Next time you are around P-town perhaps, I'm not going to be your way any time soon unfortunately, all the funds are going directly into the wedding account!


ZEUS said...

Maybe try this;

Create a new layer.
Go back to your photo layer, and highlight area you want to 'cloud'.
Once you have an area selected go back to the new layer.
Set your black and white defaults to white and cream say.
Then go Filter>Render>Clouds
Now you should have some approximately located wear you want them, you can use Filter>Blur>Gaussian to get them more foggy. Once your happy, set the opacity of your layer and erase any edges that are too hard...

Dunno if that makes sense, I could show you in a few screen shots if you like. Lovely shots though, you looks stunning.

le pearl said...

What do you use on your skin girly? I need to know the secrets!

So flawless everytime

tangentmag.com said...

Just BEAUTIFUL! Well done babe ;)

Emm said...

They look amazing.
Very mystical and infact if you didnt point it out i dont think you can really pick up that the wall has been altered it just looks as if thats the effect on the photo.
Very very nice. i notice you seem to be critical of your work sometimes which is good but dont be too hard on yourself, your stuff is amazing (modelling, styling, photographing AND editing). You also show a unique editing style with your photos too.



Eli said...

The pictures ar beautiful, love the cloudy effect. Good job


The Lady Nerd said...

Beautiful done. I think these may be some of your best beauty shots yet. I love the focus on the headshots (having the hair closest to the foreground slightly out of focus, but the actual facial features in focus).

I think the cloudy effect works on the background. It's only around the body (specially around the legs) that it shows up as not being natural. I'd suggest how to do it, but Zeus beat me to it! Good luck. :)

zoee said...


Jildou. said...

stunning pictures !


Saucy Glossie said...

Love this.. you are so great with lighting! looks really ethereal

ru.kurarin said...

i do agree that the first two seem better but i am a complete photog idiot.

Jessica said...

the photos are SUPER!!! :)
beautiful and gorgeous!!!

Danz said...

Oh wow, absolutely gorgeous photos! I don't know what else to say, just beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

love the cutout in the shirt- i wore a similar one in my post today!


lekisskiss.blogspot.com <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I love the airy clothing and feel of these photos!

Tee Sea said...

Love the soft lighting and serene feeling!!

don't forget to stop by my blogs!

Victoire said...

I absolutely love this dreamy and soft effect! You look like an angel in a dream. Amazing :)

Juliet said...

I love the lightness of it.

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

You're such a beauty as always Zanita dear! And I love the photography here!

Style Artisan said...

These are so dreamy and ethereal! Everything about this is perfection. You look so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i like the cloudy effect tbh! beautiful.


♥Lola said...

So pretty! You've done such a lovely job :)

frances said...

first photo is exquisite!

Luxe. said...

Your hair is so pretty and I'm falling in love with your blog.x

rachel kathleen said...

I think the first and last ones are amazing. Love the outfit too - you always layer things in ways that I would never think of!

Isabelle said...

i love your shirt sooo much!!!!

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Definitely dreamy. Kind of like you're hanging out in the clouds! xo

Ami Schaheera said...

so lovely, ethereal!

Fashion Tidbits said...

OH MY GOD!!!!! are u kidding me! they're so beautiful!

i just saved the first pic to my computer cos i like so much.

Dream Sequins said...

So beautiful! Can't believe you did these. They're like editorials from a mag!

P.S. Nice name for this post ;)

Diane said...

these photos are so beautiful!

Initials.CC said...



Charlotte&Céline ;)


Victoire said...

btw I saw this picture and immediately thought of you



Dominique Ernest said...

love your photos!!!

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