Self Portrait 9

Another self portrait - this photo being from the original set of photos I took with the pink eyelet Christopher Kane for Topshop, one I initially rejected because I decided the expression was too intense. Now I think its kind of fabulous, reviewing the images again I found the more unique shots more appealing. This shot would be great in an editorial series... can't wait to apply more of this to the shoots I have planned with models and stylists in the near future!
A few of you have been asking about my photoshop techniques - there's just so many that I use, particularly with colour. I've learnt everything I know by trial and error on the program and its taken much practice. If any of you would like to learn how to use Photoshop then I suggest you get practicing and find out what you techniques you like, or take the tutorials that come with the program because there's much to learn.



Alley Blue

I'm always delighted to receive a parcel in the post and today is an especially lucky day for me as  I've received an outstanding collection of pieces from California Select. I've got so many outfits I need to post! I've been quite busy lately so I'm grateful to have managed this one, with my beautiful cropped blue silk shirt. I think someone at California Select HQ has been reading my mind... 
I've got a feature today on The Grand Social blog - for those of you who are familiar with The Grand Social, its an online store featuring some of the best established and upcoming Australian designers, including Ellery, Nathan Smith, LIFEwithBIRD, Romance Was Born, Jayson Brunsdon,Trimapee, Anna & Boy... I've chosen five of my favourite pieces from their ranges and you can see it all HERE. I was floored by this incredible AmberJules Lulu maxi dress, so elegant and comfortable - and doubly enticing due to being modelled by my friend Annika. I picked out the most incredible Ellery for Graz sunglasses too, you gotta see!

As for the turban in the Susie Reid post, I know a few of you are interested in how its done, all you need to is begin as though you're going to wrap the scarf from the back of your head to the front, then twist or loop the two sides together at the front and then tie it at the back. The downside of this is that you have a large tie at the back of your head. Was fine for the purpose of my photo. Sorry if this doesnt make any sense!

I must also add here that I check my Junk mail box for the first time ever last week and realised that I've losing some important mails to the trash - If you've sent me an email that I've seemingly neglected please try again, I do try to get back to as many as possible. Sometimes I fall a little behind, but I don't mean to forget anyone :)

I adored all the comments on my Susie Reid post. XOXO

cropped shirt, California Select
dress, Metalicus
shoes, Kmart
bag (this is old!), French Connection

Evan took these pictures for me


Swing Time

Here's another with multiple dancing Zanita's - I'm employing all my tricks with this one! Its actually a fairly simple technique, this took me about 20 minutes to do.  Bit of a preppy outfit which is always a pretty safe look, but I've paired with a tye-dye dress to create a point of difference. I probably should have ironed the skirt but I'm never too conscious of these minor details (ha!). The fabulous little wedges are from Urban Outfitters, ever so delighted to have them arrive in the post, now my credit card is at the mercy of yet another amazing e-tailer.

skirt, Vintage
dress (top), Stylestalker
wedges, Urban Outfitters
hat, Urban Outfitters
blazer, Zara

Susie Reid

The incredible Susie Reid from Priscillas - a few images I shot yesterday with her at Maroubra Beach. She's so beautiful and a great mover, wonderful to photograph. I think she has a Dree Hemingway/Catherine McNeil look about her.
You can see here I've been experimenting with filters and techniques. Makes me feel creative, I'm enjoying it enormously.

Model: Susie Reid @ Priscillas
Photography and Styling: Guess who!?

Again, If you anyone wants to know about any of the clothes shown in the pictures, I'll answer any questions in the comments box.

floral swimsuit, Lover
white sunglasses, Le Specs
turban, Markets in India
embroidered vest, Stylestalker
lace cardigan, vintage
white sundress, Stylestalker
blue shorts, Stylestalker
cut-out baby rib dress, Stylestalker
navy bikini, Tigerlily
nude blouse, Carla Zampatti

Most of these pieces are older seasons or samples - sorry!


Fun Five

 Its Zanita x 5! Not exactly seamless, but I don't really care, because it still looks really cool.  I've been really busy of late with all kinds of errands - tomorrow I'm shooting two more tests for Priscilla's so I'm thrilled to be doing that.... just need to come up with a new theme for both of them! My wardrobe will be exhausted...
In other news I'm delighted to report that Urban Outfitters is delivering to my home nation AUSTRALIA! Finally my fellow Aussies can access the myriad of delights available on the Urban Outfitters website. The felt hat I'm wearing in the above pic is my new favourite piece of clothing, with its bendable wire rim and ability to be shaped into anything from a cowboy to a hobo hat - arrived in the post from Urban just a short week after ordering it online. So happy to have this parcel turn up on my doorstep! Love Urban Outfitters.....
My close friend Rachel from the Stylestalker blog and my favourite rising photographic superstar Elvina Mae of The Bang House tagged me with the NW magazine Mr Paparazzi tag so I've got some answering to do....

·     What is the most worn item of clothing in your wardrobe?
      My RVCA denim shirt.

·     It’s Oscar night and you can be dressed by any designer, who would you choose?

      Victor and Rolf

·     What trend are you tired of?

      Bodycon - I can't eat dinner and wear a bodycon... unless its Herve Leger...

·     If you could give any celebrity a makeover, who would it be?

      Mischa Barton

·     Who is your celebrity style icon and why?

      Chloe Sevigny, she's so original.

And I thus tag the following incredibles:


hat, Urban Outfitters
ballet dress, Stylestalker
top, H&M
pendant, Stolen Girlfriends Club
socks, American Apparel
heels, Zoe Wittner


Meet Vanya

The second test at Sydney park with Vanya from Priscillas. I was pretty exhausted at this stage, the light was fading and we had to continually stop for the rain - still, it was all worth it for that first shot dark profile shot.

Thanks so much for all your kind remarks, means so much to me to have this support and encouragement.

Model: Vanya @ Priscillas
Photography and Styling: Moi!

If you want to know where any of the clothes are from I'll answer any questions in the comments section.

She's Giorgia

I shot two tests yesterday with two Priscillas girls, Giorgia and Vanya, at Coogee beach and Sydney Park respectively. It was such a joy to be behind the camera, but it made me realise exactly how much technical stuff I need to get around to learning - not that I'm in any hurry, modelling is still my priority at the moment.
These are a few shots from Giorgia's first photoshoot! She was such a quick learner, a great listener who followed instructions really well. She's such an angel! I particularly love the shot of her in profile with the denim jacket and the one with the sunglasses and the pink bodysuit.
I'll finish the shots of Vanya later and post some of them as well - such pretty girls!

Model: Giorgia at Priscillas
Photography and Styling - Me!


Cleo's Surprise!

Too tired this afternoon to take outfit shots so here's some of my shots from Cleo New Zealand - I was lucky enough to work with well known Australian photographer Steven Chee and the beautiful and talented stylist Marina Didovich for this one. When they mentioned the shoot was to feature leaping and jumping I was really enthusiastic but once I got those monstrous heels on I was certainly singing a different tune. Still, I throughly enjoyed the challenge and though my footwear hindered my flailing and leaping I'm still happy with the results. How great is the hair extension? I have some extensions of my own, thinking I might dye them somehow and learn to master applying them to my own scalp to achieve this ponytail look.
Sorry my scans are so bad - I'll try and get hold of the high resolution images to replace these.



So thrilled to post this!! Click the pic for my first full interview - love to know your thoughts.


Katie Ball

Some of my shots of Katie Ball that won't be included alongside the interview for Tangent, which means still more to come. Katie is a good friend of mine and I have to say, she's incredibly talented and shooting her was such a pleasure. It was so easy to take great pictures! I definitely need to do more of this because it felt so great, so much fun.

Model: Katie Ball, Priscillas
Photography: Zanita Whittington
Styling: Zanita Whittington



Stay Tuned

For my photoshoot and interview with the INCREDIBLE Katie Ball for TANGENT digital.

Sorry for not being clear, this isn't me, Its Katie. I'll be posting our interview later today or early tomorrow. 


Mo' Mono

Experimenting with monochromatics, the effect in the centre is a work in progress but expect to see more of this style, it's so easy to do I can't believe I haven't tried it before.
I'm delighted to announce along with this post my new role as a contributor to Tangent Digital. My first assignment, an interview and photoshoot with my my model friend Katie Ball - I'll post again soon with the link and pics. Working with Katie was so much fun, she's a natural and so flawless. It was so easy to take beautiful pictures of her!

The below images are from my recent feature in the fantastic online mag, Glossy. This issue is jammed with editorials and my favourite article about illustrator Laura Laine and her unique style. Head to Glossy for more.

Finally - Kelly, who is the exceptionally talented illustrator behind BirdyandMe tagged me for the Sportgirl Heart blogger promotion. Not usually into tagging but since its from Kelly and Sportsgirl I really can't resist.

What are you wearing right now? See above.

Post a picture that means summer to you:
Wharton Beach, my favourite spot in my hometown.

What tracks are essential on your summer playlist?
Anything by RJD2, Paolo Nutini, Hotel Costes, Marina and the Diamonds.... heaps more!

Favourite piece of clothing from the Sportgirl Summer collections? The Sienna Skort 

Describe your perfect summer:
BBQs on balmy evenings, mornings at the beach, spending time with friends and family, heading to concerts and festivals.

And so I tag - the stunning Olivia from AcmeReplay, the keen eye for style behind YoungZeus and the wonderful MyLittleDollyBird.

pants, Lucky 18
sequin bra top, Staple

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