Lazy Days

Brief blog post before bed - another simple outfit.
Spent the last week or so doing practically nothing, coffee with friends, reading, watching Mad Men (its love!) and sleeping in constantly - something I never do. Can't say that loungewear makes for notable outfit posts so more apologies for the hiatus.
I finally got a decent haircut today and now my locks feel totally revitalised.
New year, fresh hair, looking forward to what's around the corner!

pants, Vintage
singlet, Quicksilver
studded pocket shirt, Stylestalker
shoes, Zomp


Emilie said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

sweet:) love your hair!

Sweet Things said...

nice shirt

MannequinMe said...

I absolutely love Mad Men!

MannequinMe said...

and zomp!

Initials.CC said...

Georgeous !! tu es superbe !

Silk Ties said...

Great pic! Hope you had a great New Year!

The Lady Nerd said...

Ah lazy days, if only mine looked so good. ;) (Oddly enough you have a bit of a Karlie Kloss vibe going on in this shot.)

mom & son said...

happy new year, gorgeous!
when i saw your photo i know there's
something new to you..and that's your hair!
i love your new haircut sweetie.
you still look so chic in that simple outfit.

Ash said...

Unique style, I like it a lot. Lately, I have been very lazy, I am finally getting back on the ball and getting some work done.

Found your blog while browsing profiles, stop by mine too.

ru.kurarin said...

i love the movement and the legnth of those pants.

i've been hearing so much about mad men, maybe it's time for me to check it out.

Sarah Bee said...

Love the shoes!


un publicitario como otro cualquiera said...
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un publicitario como otro cualquiera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amor vs. love said...

and did you notice that you look like january jones?

Emma said...

love those spots

Karoline said...

Happy new year!
Love your hair!!
Cute outfit;)


Friend in Fashion said...

Love the big hair Zanita, almost as much as i adore Mad Men! ;)
happy new year!


isabelle said...

simple outfits sometimes look best

Luna Supernova said...

happy twenty ten! i love the cropped trousers and blue shoes. cute.

Soooali said...

Your hair and make up actually look very mad men!! Really prety!

vio said...


die hab ich.
danke für das kompliment!
an den bildern mach ich eigentlich nichts außer ein bisschen farbe rausnehmen und kontrast reinzusetzen.

ich mag deinen blog :)

Mouthwash said...

simple, yes. and adorable!! I love how effortlessly wonderful you are!



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