Denim Days

Whenever I get asked in an interview 'describe your style' I'm stumped everytime. I can't see any cohesion when I look in my closet, you only need to compare this post to last to know that my dress sense obviously has multiple personalities. I guess this stems from my childhood, growing up I don't think I can list a single person I knew that shared my interest in high fashion, shows and editorials. I just take my influence from everywhere. I'm looking pretty sporty today - and I can thank American Apparel again for these fun blue bike shorts, super comfortable and definitely head turning!

shorts, American Apparel
singlet, Stylestalker
shirt, RVCA
shoes, Palm Beach Shoes


ru.kurarin said...

i am convinced that you can pull off anything, i love your quiet confidence.

it feels weird to say this to someone as put together as you, but i can relate, although for different reasons.

i get affected easily by what i read and see, and i stay in a westernised south-east asian city. on top of that, i get regular exposure to the french and japanese languages through lessons and we know the influence of culture on that aspect of life.

Taylor Sterling said...

your style is so unique and lovely! the shorts rock

isabelle said...

i like that shirt oooh ithink my sister has one like it.

Rochelle said...

gold cons love love love them have my own pair there soo fun! the biker shorts are defiantly show stoppers :) very cool xx

mom & son said...

you're truly a good inspiration, gorgeous!
you're a true definition of natural beauty.
love you sweetie!

MannequinMe said...

I can't stop staring at those shorts! They're bright and so shiny- things I love unexpectedly found in a pair of shorts!

All your outfits seem super comfy chic.

leeselooks said...



i miss you.
i'm sure you are busy soaking up the sun + doing wonderful things ! ! !

i hope you are planning your trip to n y c!
i want to galavant the city neighborhoods w/ our cameras in tow and coffees sloshing.
( waiting until NYC to purchase my camera : )less $$$)

i cant wait to start capturing all the beauty around me.

your style = Y O U .
genuine // chic// fun // classic. w/ ZW twist !

hope all is well beauty
2010 will be great!

x x x

. said...

i love bike pants, i have to get my hands on some. i think leopard would be cool.

LoveMore said...

too hot miss! I don't think many could pull these shorts off as well as you lady. looooove the shirt and shoes!

xxx bel

nuheila said...

Love the shirt and your pictures!!!


Barcelonette said...

I love this blue denim look!

Fashion Tidbits said...

wowzer! they're so shiny

Nana said...

lovely pics darling
i really like the shorts<3

Eli said...

I love your outfit today, seems so comfortable and chic! I think thats something you always can do with your clothes.
Really nice photos!

Emma said...

i like what you wrote here. I have the same thing, i don't know anyone personally who loves fashion in the same way i do. Who understands why i've been obsessing over the diego bag or why an amazing editorial can lift my day.

those shorts are so much fun! xx

Grace said...

Ahh! I love the shiny blue bike shorts and the sparkly gold shoes!
I also love how very unique it looks but comfy at the same time.

Anonymous said...

stunning outfit. the shorts are hot!

fadetoblack said...

loving your style (or styles :))
found you via chictopia!
you have a new follower :)++

princesspolitico said...

these photos are fantastic - i love those shorts! you have such a fierce style.


Martina said...

american Apparel has been my greatest discovery, I use its items for dancing but I love to combine them to go out. great pictures

Soooali said...

Shoes rock! Love them!

Aleisha Z said...

Love this post, Simple and stylish. Whatever you wear you always look amazing!

adele said...

bike shorts are my favourite trend right now. you look fantastic in them, too, and i like that you chose the metallic blue ones!
your photos all look pro. seriously... do you take your own photos, selfportrait style, or get them taken of you by someone?
and what lens do you use?

Kristine said...

With that looks and dress sense you can pull off with anything with confidence. I can resist my being tempted to think that I was younger enough to try out the tips that you provide in your posts. But... On second thoughts, I think I should give it a try lol. Do you believe that age should be a constraint in dressing up? :)
Keep posting.

Zanita said...

- The last two posts are self portraits, using my nikor 35 lens and nikon d60 camera using a remote. The hardest thing is making sure i get myself in frame and in focus - at least half the shots i take I mess up! I hope to keep improving, thanks for the encouragement!

- I certainly believe that as you get older, statement dressing becomes more and more difficult. Particularly because the best pieces for someone with a more mature sense of style would err towards wearing blazers or tailored pieces, quality fabrics - and these usually come at a greater cost and are not as accessible. Though Karla, from karlascloset is very young - her style is a great example of pushing the letter while still maintaining an elegance you can feel comfortable in for anyone in their 20's, 30's, 40's or even 50's. I'd advise to check her out.

Karoline said...

Sequin shoes! Wooho

June Paski said...

love how you put all of them, and you look fab with them!


Maria@chicisimo said...

You look great with anything!! You can mix whatever that the result is always fantastic!!
No everybody can do that!!

Happy 2010!!

Monica said...

those shoes are amazing!

Robyn said...

Just stumbled your blog for the first time today, and I love the range of looks. I'm inspired, and definitely not bored while scrolling through your posts.

Cyanure said...

Great Pics !

pepperandbaxter said...

Absolutely stunning - so unbelievably effortless. How do you do that?
Those bike shorts bring me back to my childhood. I wore neon green lycra shorts with my oversized hypercolour t-shirts!
Oh those were the days!

StylePicks said...

Love the shirt.


Dana said...

ooh i like them shoes ;)

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