Hello Fluffy

Another spray tan day, I had to get one for work on friday then I'm due for another tomorrow so next week is going to be a bronzy one for me. I guess it suits me to be tanned but I feel like Malibu Barbie or some other stereotype every time I have one, which doesn't sit with me. I guess on the positive side it it seems to give the impression of increased body tone.
I had the lucky pleasure of meeting Florence and Isobelle of Florence and The Machine this afternoon in the Stylestalker offices. They were so gorgeous! Check out the pics I snapped on the Stylestalker blog here

bra top, Staple
grey drawstring dress, American Apparel
shorts, Just Jeans


Daylight Disco

Thought of an interesting way to wear this shiny American Apparel tube dress, turns a plain outfit into something fun and eye-catching.  This shirt (actually its the dress!) is the same Stylestalker, which I have in 3 colours. So comfortable and easy to throw on, they're on constant rotation. Haven't done any exercise for 10 days and now I'm feeling so unmotivated and disinterested,  gotta get my butt on a treadmill! Still yet to do a post about my diet and exercise - I promise I'm going to get around to it sometime!

Shiny Too-Short Tube dress, American Apparel
shirt, Stylestalker
boots, Doc Martens


Hot Heat

Only one picture for this post - one that I'm not completely pleased with because the trousers are so damn creased and my hair is bad. Didn't get a chance to master this shot by shooting more because it was so unbelievably hot on my rooftop that the ground was burning me and I had begun to perspire excessively. It's a pretty sexy look but it definitely wasn't fun wearing lace in the location. I've used the glass table as a sort of mottled diffuser and the same gradient effect as the last post but this time with high contrast. Such a huge difference!
Happy Australia Day to all my fellow Aussies out there!

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bra, Lovable
cardigan, Vintage


Rainbow Bright

I had originally had opted to give these pictures the black and white treatment but decided it was boring. I love this colourful effect I've discovered! I'm trying to create more variety because I've been using the same setting constantly and I know that its probably becoming a bit old hat. Plus my outfit is another very casual one, always looking for ways to jazz things up.
Spent all day yesterday at the Big Day Out music festival, which was so much fun, but today I'm exhausted from all my jumping around. Muse always puts on a fantastic show and Dizzy Rascal was totally exhilarating because it was incredibly hot (45C!) and just as his set was starting it began to rain heavily. The crowd loved it and the mood was infectious. Can't ever see enough live concerts  - best way to unwind.
Hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as me!

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shorts, Just Jeans
singlet, Staple
shoes, ASOS


Red Shoes

Really enjoying blogging lately.  Feeling very inspired and open minded which has given me alot of freedom and confidence to make use of lighting and posing. I've also had the very lucky opportunity of working with some seriously talented photographers, Stephen Ward, Jenni Hare and Amanda Austin. I always try to learn as much as possible each time I work with someone new - Its no secret that I really love my job.

Mixing prints again, I love this quirky effect. Contrasting the black and white with some red shoes.

shirt, Stylestalker
pants, Vintage
shoes, Kmart

Photography Tip: If you think your pics aren't quite as impressive as you'd like them to be, try getting closer to your subject.


Hey Day

Some more powerful beauties dug up from the past. Some eye-popping Versace campaigns. Its refreshing to see the strength and joy illustrated in some of these images and I love the little 'imperfections' that would normally be retouched in these modern plastic fantastic times. How incredible is Claudia?
Bring Back Film.

(pics, herfamedgoodlooks)


Loafing Around

Couldn't feel more comfortable in this outfit - perfect for a cloudy cool day. I'm really welcoming the change, my apartment has been retaining alot of heat, I've got no aircon (and wouldn't use it if I did) and have been tired of these sweaty evenings - finally I can get a full nights sleep!
My comments have extremely generous lately and I'm definately walking around with a spring in my step. Thank you to all of you again. XO

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dress, Staple
belt, Vintage


Original Staple

I had the absolute delight this morning of shooting the lookbook for a hot Australian label Staple. I wish I could spill the details - I fell in love with every piece. To sum up the range its plenty of basics with a unique twist, flattering and comfortable yet totally stylish - suiting any body type. I contemplated a total wardrobe overhaul while I was perusing through the racks and thanks to the girls behind Staple I now have a huge load of new pieces to start a much needed update to my summer clothing. Can't wait to show them off in the next few weeks - starting today! Thanks so much ladies!!!
I'm including a couple of images from their recent collections but do head to the website and check it out for yourself... Im dying to hint on the new stuff, it just gets better and better. Great news for anyone outside of Oz, Staple will soon be stocked in ASOS so I'll be sure to give a heads up to everyone.

Sporting two new Staple dresses, my beloved docs, some 'Agent Smith' Vintage sunglasses and my morbid Heart pendant - my boyfriend Evan gave me a hand to take some pics for this post. Im so lucky!

singlet dress, Staple
mesh drape dress (worn underneath), Staple
boots, Doc Martens
sunglasses, Vintage
pendant, ZoeMou at TheGrandSocial (thanks Makkaida)


Denim Days

Whenever I get asked in an interview 'describe your style' I'm stumped everytime. I can't see any cohesion when I look in my closet, you only need to compare this post to last to know that my dress sense obviously has multiple personalities. I guess this stems from my childhood, growing up I don't think I can list a single person I knew that shared my interest in high fashion, shows and editorials. I just take my influence from everywhere. I'm looking pretty sporty today - and I can thank American Apparel again for these fun blue bike shorts, super comfortable and definitely head turning!

shorts, American Apparel
singlet, Stylestalker
shirt, RVCA
shoes, Palm Beach Shoes


Wind Machine

Promised myself I'd get out of holiday mode this week and I've triumphantly failed to achieve anything whatsoever besides tackling my increasing mountain of laundry. Gratefully, I plucked up this afternoon and decided to do a combo make-up and outfit post.

I have to admit, this post is me showing off a little - the beauty shot particularly. Once I went upstairs to shoot the outfit, I realised the natural light available to me was extremely harsh and overhead and would  end up looking terrible. I decided to shoot in this little nook which was shaded from all angles - only to find the light was reflecting directly into my face almost perfectly. The darker walls either side provided an excellent beauty set up AND the wind was gently blowing my hair, similar to using a fan in studio. Its amazing how variables can just fall together in your favour.
My hair also got an extra bit of love today on account of my recent purchase of a Mason Pearson brush. Possibly the most expensive brush on the planet, the pocket version I purchased was $80 AU but definitely worth it for me, its imperative my hair has a semblance of health.
The make-up has been a little obscured by the edit effects I've used on the images but its basically a dusty brown eye with a wine lip tint and filled in brows, a bit of mascara. The lip tint is from Bloom cosmetics and comes on a handy little pen so filling in my lips is easy and doesnt budge as much a normal lippy. One of my new favourite products.

Thanks for sticking around!

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