Not Winter

Obviously I'm not exactly experiencing a chill down under - but my pending trip to Germany has inspired to begin the search for my ideal winter coat. Its so important to find the right one because a good coat gets loads of wear time. Perusing the pre-fall collections I sorted out some of my favourites, particularly loving the cheque DVF and the broad-collared Pringle and Rachel Roy coats - modelled by my friend, the beautiful Charlotte Lohmann!


thalia said...

ooo i love them all but the diane von furstenberg one looks so amazing ! think thats my favourite


i love the diane von furstenberg the most but they're all pretty

Karoline said...

They all look great! You made me inspired!

Mom Fashion World said...

great choice, ms. gorgeous!
have a safe trip always wherever you go.

leeselooks said...

z ! ! !

ah i miss you!
your last stylestalker pictures were a m a z i n g.
that first one blew my mind!
how much fun would we have running around n y c snapping pictures ? we WILL make it happen!

oh i just checked out thakoon resort- you are too cute ;) i love the minimalism yet bold prints. perfecto.

you definitely read my mind with coats- i think i have an obsession now that it's winter! i can't stop buying them.
that chanel & burberry coat would be out of this world. especially the chanel... my heart just melted.

well beauty, i hope you are having a beautiful christmas season!
can't wait to catch up properly.
sending love + wishes


Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are warm. Because I'm not. Hahaha! Germany sounds like so much fun too!



Dylana Suarez said...

These coats are all beautiful!

Unknown said...

oh i was in germany too!in berlin so cold!hmm i like all these coats, especially the dark red burberry prorsum!
have fun ;)

Leila said...

I am all for the dark red Burbury Prosum. It is such an amazing colour and style.

MannequinMe said...

Those Pringle ones win.

How about a dark, wool cape? Tres chic!

Helen said...

i have to agree with everyone.. the dvf is the best looking!

helen x

Anonymous said...

what beautiful coats!

Anonymous said...

the best of winter are coats, definetly!!

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