Gone Casual

I can't exaggerate how lazy my last few days have been. I've achieved a bit of meadering around town, listening to some music and watching loads of movies and tv shows. My folks gave me three seasons of Arrested Development on DVD.

I must admit I am feeling good though, particular because yesterday I finally plucked up the courage to head to the Red Cross and donate some of my liquid red stuff. Far less painful experience than I anticipated and the people in the centres are incredibly grateful - especially around this time of year - where donations drop off significantly and hospitals are needing more blood than ever. You don't need money to help save some lives!
Please click the links to find out more and if you're from a Nation not listed please utilise google and find out where you can donate.

Anywho this is an extremely casual outfit in a sunny, blurred out setting.

dress, American Apparel
cardigan, SES
jeans, Kmart
clogs, Funkis
sunglasses, Paddys Markets


le pearl said...

You look so 90's

I love it <3

confessions of a marc addict. said...

lazy, casual days are the best! my latest post is totally grunge casual. i love it.

Vincent said...

That cardigan is so cute!

Friend in Fashion said...

Love the grainy look of these photos! the clogs are fabulous!

Rochelle said...

I agree there is something so 90's about you look and the mood its awesome but :) well done on donating blood i am going to do it one day i just tragic with that sort of stuff i faint like a crazy woman!!!

mom & son said...

that's nice of you thru donating to red cross.
you're truly a nice person, gorgeous.
you always look beautiful in your ordinary day outfit.

happy holidays!

The Lady Nerd said...

I can't get over how beautiful your profile is. 1990's Grace Kelly...if I can somehow put that into a nickname I think that is how I shall refer to you from now on. :P

Sadly, I've been told that I can't donate blood. I apparently fall under the weight requirement. (I didn't think I was that small!)

Zanita said...

Its pretty daunting thinking about that needle - but when you truly contemplate the kind of good its doing its pretty easy to muster up the strength. Close your eyes and grit your teeth!
Thanks to all of you - im fanatical about the nineties of late x

Fashion Tidbits said...

you look so relaxed Zanita!!!!! feeling nostalgic!!! want to go back to OZ where it's warm!!!!

Dylana said...

You look so fresh and beautiful!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

you can really make anything look good ;) love how the photos turned out!

Taylor Sterling said...

love these photos Zanita! SO gorgeous!!

brooke said...

so strange, today (after you tweeted it yesterday), my boyfriend says he's going to go donate, so I went too. And they have a little cafe and the woman was so nice and I'm so proud of him, haha. congrats on donating!

lovely outfit too as usual, happy new year!!


Juliet said...

Beautiful dress!

juliet xxx

omfg-vivian said...

the last photo is just priceless. love the outfit, you make the past look so modern! adorable. effortless. amazing. xx

Emma said...

gorgeous pictures, i love those jeans!

Blue Note said...

so lovely weather. I'm jealous

Stompface said...

ahh pretty lady. love the blurred effect of these. rather whimsical or some such.

how freaking amazing is arrested development, oh I love that show so much it hurts sometimes!
cannot waiiittt for the movie!


Helen said...

aww you look gorgeous! casual days are always good!

helen x

shoeless simone said...

This look is so so pretty! I love the editing of the pictures too. Adding you to my blogroll!

-Shoeless Simone

Stompface said...

Oh yay, def want to hear your thoughts on the Dark Tower series, I really enjoyed it. Probably almost time to re-read actually!

and yesss p-town has been oh so hot, although actually quite nice today!

happy new year!


Roxana said...

these pictures are so artistic! you look amazing!

Panda said...

Just stumbled across your blog,
and i heart it :-)
You have such a lovely style,
and this dress is GORGEOUS!
Panda x
*follows you*

Genevie said...

I was going to say very nineties as well.
Wow, noughties are over, and we're in the teens!
For some reason I'm not really cared of needles any more - too many blood tests these past few years I think.

Happy New Year :)

Amelia said...

I love the shoes! i want a pair :)

taru said...

Thanks to the picture on the sidebar, I now know how great Thakoon is. So thank you!

ariel romano said...

have a happy 2010, zanita!
love from argentina

Anonymous said...

i love your outfits ... this simplicity and comfort, and all of your pictures just reflect that.

MC's Closet said...

i totally love your casual vintage style.


Anonymous said...

That's so good to hear you donated blood and to see that you're making people aware! I donated blood for the first time too a few months ago and now do it as often as I can. I HATE needles and usually faint, but it's really not that bad! (Oh and I love the free food you get at the end lol)

I love this casual top that you're wearing!

June Paski said...

love ur outfits soo much, it's simple but very chic :)


ediot said...

hi dear. these pics are wicked. i love the colours in them. and the outfit looks beyond comfy. i hope youre having a great week and a good beginning of 2010

funkis swedish forms said...

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Tours of the Vatican said...

You like Arrested Development?? You're even more amazing than I thought! I'm so excited for the movie- and did you hear they're bringing the show back?? I think it's only going to be on Netflix streaming but I'm so happy it'll be back on!

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